Redmi Pad Pro and POCO F6 have received SDPPI certification

Redmi Pad Pro and POCO F6 have received SDPPI certification

Two new HyperOS devices have just been spotted on an Indonesian certification platform. The latest sighting of these devices hints at an imminent global launch. So let’s take a look.

Redmi Pad Pro

As a reminder, Redmi Pad Pro has already been introduced in the brand’s home market in China. You can also click here to check out its specifications and features. But after the launch in China, it has also been spotted in other overseas certifications such as FCC, Google Play Console, IMDA, and now even SDPPI.

The tablet was spotted with the model number 2405CRPFDG, which belongs to the WiFi only version of the Redmi Pad Pro. This tablet was initially launched with a 12.1-inch IPS LCD display, Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC, 10,000 mAh battery, and more. So we can expect the global variant to have identical specifications.


Another HyperOS-based device that was spotted on the SDPPI certification was a POCO F6. It was listed with the model number 24069PC21G. Similar to the Redmi Pad Pro, POCO F6 was also launched in China earlier, but under a different name. POCO F6 could be a rebranding of Redmi Turbo 3.

The SDPPI detection also hints that a global launch of this smartphone is also just around the corner. It was also previously spotted at the Singapore IMDA certification. For those who don’t know, the Redmi Turbo 3 comes with a Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 5000mAh battery, 90W fast charging, and a 50MP primary camera. So they can also benefit POCO F6.


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