Redmi K70 Ultra is equipped with a unique cooling solution for the best performance

Redmi K70 Ultra is equipped with a unique cooling solution for the best performance

Shortly after the official announcement of the Redmi K70 Ultra, Wang Teng, Vice President of Marketing at Xiaomi China and General Manager of the Redmi brand, began to share more information about the device.

He stated that the K70 Ultra ranks first in Android in terms of comprehensive performance. According to the official poster, the phone received 2,382,780 points in AnTuTu. Furthermore, it also claims that the phone’s actual gaming performance is “much better than expected”.

Redmi has reportedly partnered with MediaTek to maximize the capabilities of the chipset in its new phone. This is said to be the “deepest” collaboration in the industry, which will create a “stronger” Dimensity 9300+. However, we’ll need to test the device ourselves before drawing any conclusions about its performance.

The phone also boasts an improved cooling system

Wang Teng also said that the K70 Ultra will be equipped with a new generation of 3D ice cooling technology, which uses an innovative concave-convex platform design. The convex surface is closer to the processor, which allows the SoC core temperature to be reduced by 3°C compared to the Redmi K60 Ultra. You might have noticed that the screen also gets hot when the phone is dealing with heavy loads. The upcoming device has a solution for this as well. The concave surface of the heatsink is far away from the screen, which reportedly results in lower screen temperatures.

Thanks to the Dimensity 9300+ chipset paired with the new cooling system, the phone reportedly has 120 frames per second in the game Genshin Impact and is capable of running two games simultaneously. With all these features, the phone is said to have the strongest gaming performance among its competitors.

Referring to previously released information, the phone also features an independent D1 graphics chip for better performance and optimal resource utilization. It features a 1.5K display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 5500mAh battery that supports 120W fast charging. On the outside, the phone has a metal center frame and a glass back cover. The camera module has a slightly different design, which you can see here.


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