Poland helps Ukraine with clouds and Starlink

Poland helps Ukraine with clouds and Starlink

Starlink, cloud storage, and Diia.Business. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov and his deputy Valeria Ionan have held their first online meeting with the new Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digitalization of Poland Krzysztof Gawkowski.

Krzysztof Gawkowski was appointed to the position at the end of 2023. Now the colleagues had the opportunity to meet, congratulate and discuss further cooperation.

Віцепрем'єр, міністр цифрової трансформації України Михайло Федоров та його заступниця Валерія Іонан провели першу онлайн зустріч з новим віцепремʼєром та міністром цифровізації Польщі Кшиштофом Гавковскі

Key partnerships

Ukrainian-Polish cooperation is built on a solid foundation – in the almost 2 years since the full-scale Russian invasion, Poland has become a key partner of the digital state.

Poland’s assistance includes the transfer of state databases to the cloud and the deployment of the entire infrastructure for Ukrainian registries. Poland is also a leader in providing Ukraine with Starlink. Almost 20 thousand terminals have already become part of the critical infrastructure.

Польща — лідер у забезпеченні України Starlink

They rescue on the contact line, help conduct military operations and ensure coordination on the battlefield. They also provide support during blackouts and after the liberation of territories. About 20 thousand terminals that are currently in Ukraine are Polish aid.

“A few months after the start of the invasion, in May 2022, with the support of the Polish government, we opened the first Diia.Business foreign center in Warsaw. Now it is a hub for Ukrainians who have left the country, with advice on legalizing and starting a business in Poland. I am sure that the work of the Center has influenced the fact that in 2023 Ukrainians opened a record number of new businesses in Poland,” says Fedorov.

Віцепрем'єр, міністр цифрової трансформації України Михайло Федоров

Effective help

For its part, Ukraine has been helping Poland with expertise for mObywatel, the Polish equivalent of Diia, which provides digital documents and services. The Ministry of Digital Transformation is ready to continue sharing its experience with Polish colleagues.

“I have a painting in my office from my Polish colleagues – a blue and yellow house on a white and red background. Ukrainians and Poles are two very strong nations. We need to continue building partnerships and implementing great projects together. I’m waiting for Krzysztof Gawkowski in Kyiv,” emphasizes Fedorov.

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