OPPO Enco Air4 Pro wireless headphones are presented

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro wireless headphones are presented

Today OPPO AED Ukraine presented new wireless headphones – OPPO Enco Air4 Pro. This immersive audio device features intelligent noise cancellation that significantly improves the listening experience and is the best choice for consumers looking for affordable Bluetooth headphones.

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro also features superior sound quality, long battery life, and seamless connectivity, all in a sleek, modern design that guarantees durability and comfort. The headphones enhance the overall user experience with perfectly synchronized sound.

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro

Smart noise reduction

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro’s powerful active noise cancellation capabilities, both hardware and software, set a new standard in its price segment. Equipped with a triple microphone, they provide ultra-wideband active noise cancellation, reaching a depth of 49 dB and covering a wide range of up to 4000 Hz. The innovative triple microphone design effectively reduces wind noise and other interfering sounds, ensuring crystal clear communication quality even at wind speeds of up to 20 km/h.

Targeting a wide range of noises, from the rumble of traffic to the piercing tones of high-pitched voices, OPPO Enco Air4 Pro has been certified by TÜV Rheinland for its highly effective noise reduction. This is a testament to the device’s ability to deliver crisp, clear, immersive sound free from distractions even in the busiest of environments.

In addition to exceptional hardware noise cancellation, these headphones also feature a variety of user-configurable noise cancellation options. With Smart Scene Noise Cancellation, the headphones can detect ambient noise in real time and adapt noise cancellation to the user’s environment using intelligent algorithmic analysis.

And for a more personalized sound experience, the Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature uses proprietary algorithms to create a noise cancellation curve that perfectly matches the shape of each user’s ear canal, providing the best noise cancellation effect. OPPO Enco Air4 Pro also features a transparency mode, allowing users to stay aware of what’s going on around them without the inconvenience of removing their headphones.

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro

Hi-Res Audio certified sound quality

At the heart of OPPO Enco Air4 Pro’s sonic excellence is a 12.4mm Extra Large Driver and LHDC 5.0 Bluetooth codec certified by Hi-Res Audio. These headphones support ultra-high speed data transfer of up to 1 Mbps, up to 96 kHz sampling rate, and up to 24-bit resolution, preserving the finest musical details for a truly studio-quality audio experience.

The 12.4mm Extra Large Driver also offers 89% more vibration area than standard 9mm drivers, improving airflow and delivering unmatched sound quality, especially in the bass. This superior sound performance is further enhanced by the Enco Master Equalizer. Users can easily switch between different modes, including original sound, bass boost, or clear vocals, personalizing their audio experience to suit their taste and the nuances of different music genres.

Long-lasting performance and reliability

In addition to superior noise cancellation and sound quality, OPPO Enco Air4 Pro is designed to free you from worrying about battery power. Together with the case, the headphones offer an impressive battery life of up to 44 hours of music playback and an additional 12 hours of standby time. In addition, a quick 10-minute charge can give you 4 hours of continuous music playback, making these headphones the perfect choice for listening on the go.

IP55 dust and water resistance allows you to use the headphones in a variety of outdoor activities, travel, and everyday use without worrying about possible damage from water or dust.

Seamless connection with Bluetooth 5.4

With the latest Bluetooth 5.4, OPPO Enco Air4 Pro takes connectivity to the next level with stable connections and powerful anti-interference features. This ensures a seamless gaming and video experience without interruption. The ultra-low latency of just 47ms makes this device ideal for gamers and streamers, offering long-lasting use with less power consumption.

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro supports simultaneous connection to two devices and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs running on Android, iOS, or Windows. In particular, Android users can take advantage of the simplified pairing process with Google Fast Pair. In addition, the headphones are intuitive to use thanks to their touch controls, and the convenient double-tap function allows you to take selfies with your phone without holding it in your hand.

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro

Stylish design for comfort

OPPO Enco Air4 Pro has a stylish pebble-shaped body that is fingerprint resistant. The headphones are available in two attractive colors: Moonlight White, which sparkles with the brilliance of a pearl, and Midnight Black, which has a subtle metallic finish. Each earbud weighs just 4.4 grams for a lightweight, snug fit that’s comfortable for long hours of wear.

Availability and price

In Ukraine, the new OPPO Enco Air4 Pro wireless headphones can be purchased for UAH 3999 (∼$100) in the following colors: Moonlight White and Midnight Black.

Look for the new product on the websites and stores of our partners: oppoua.com, Comfy, Citrus, Foxtrot, Allo, Eldorado, Epicenter, Rozetka, and others.


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