OPPO A78 has AMOLED, SUPERVOOC and stereo speakers

ORRO A78 has AMOLED, SUPERVOOC and stereo speakers

OPPO AED Ukraine presents the new OPPO A78 smartphone. The novelty offers users an FHD+ AMOLED display, dual stereo speakers, lightning-fast 67W SUPERVOOC charging and a durable 5000 mAh battery, intelligent and secure ColorOS 13.1 operating system, and much more.

Fast and reliable charging with a long-lasting battery

Thanks to the ultra-fast 67W SUPERVOOC charging, the ORRO A78 can be charged to 100% in about 44 minutes. A fully charged 5000 mAh battery provides 27 days of standby time (airplane mode) or 16 and a half hours of YouTube video playback.

OPPO’s Battery Health Engine technology helps extend the ORPO A78’s battery life to 1,600 charge and discharge cycles, which is enough to keep the battery in good condition for four years. The Optimized All-Day Charging feature intelligently learns the user’s daily habits and adjusts the charging speed accordingly.

This reduces the need to constantly charge the battery, increasing safety and overall battery life. In addition, the OPPO A78 is equipped with 5-layer charging protection to enhance end-to-end safety throughout the charging process, including overload protection.

Швидка та надійна зарядка з довговічним акумулятором

An immersive audiovisual experience

The OPPO A78 is the first A-series phone to feature a 6.4-inch FHD+ AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and up to 180Hz touch sampling rate, which delivers enhanced smoothness and responsiveness. With a total brightness of up to 600 nits, the screen provides incredible detail even in direct sunlight.

The ORRO A78 also delivers a more immersive and crystal clear surround sound experience with dual stereo speakers and Real HD Sound 3.0 technology and supports Dirac sound effects. The ultra-high volume mode helps you increase the sound volume by 200%, so you can hear your music or phone call even in the noisiest places. During voice calls, the headphone volume can be further increased by 3 dB without compromising sound quality.

The ORRO A78 is equipped with a camera system that includes a 50 MP main camera and a number of new features that make taking photos and videos easier. For example, intelligent Extra HD technology combines multiple shots into a single, highly detailed, maximum-definition photo with a resolution of 108 megapixels. And Dual-View Video can be used to simultaneously shoot from the front and main cameras and combine the footage into a single frame.

Захоплюючий аудіовізуальний досвід

Works without complaints for up to four years

The ORPO A78 smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 680 mobile platform and has 8 GB of RAM + 256 GB of storage with the ability to install up to 1 TB of additional memory via an SD card slot. In addition, the smartphone has the function of expanding RAM up to 16 GB (8+8 GB) using OPPO RAM Expansion technology.

OPPO’s unique Dynamic Computing Engine can increase app opening speed by 1.42%. It also helps keep up to 19 apps running in the background simultaneously without any noticeable lag. Thanks to these optimizations, the ORPO A78 delivers a smooth, complaint-free experience for up to four years.

ОРРО A78 працює на мобільній платформі Snapdragon 680 та має 8 ГБ оперативної пам'яті + 256 ГБ

Ultra-thin body with Diamond Matrix design

ORRO A78 is available in two trendy colors – Aqua Green and Mist Black. Aqua Green color is inspired by water. This design is the first to use a two-layer process of applying an amaze matrix pattern (Diamond Matrix Design) to a water-green base layer.

The Black Mist design adds a hint of yellow-green to the pure black to give the phone a three-dimensional feel. The OPPO A78 inherits the same iconic ultra-thin design as the previous models in the OPPO A series. It is only 7.93 mm thick and weighs only 180 g. The smartphone is also IP54 waterproof, which means that it will not suffer from regular splashes and drops.

ОРРО A78 працює на мобільній платформі Snapdragon 680 та має 8 ГБ оперативної пам'яті + 256 ГБ

Smarter and more private ColorOS 13.1

Among the new features in the new version of ColorOS is Screen Translate, which uses Google Lens to translate the content of your entire screen with the touch of a button in the sidebar. With support for intelligent translation in 105 languages, Screen Translate can even be used to translate text from images.

Auto Pixelate can automatically recognize and pixelate sensitive information, such as profile pictures and names in chat screenshots, with just one click. The Private Safe feature stores private files in encrypted form in a private directory with a higher level of security. Also added is 5-level access control, which gives users full control over who can see their data and when.


Market availability and price

In Ukraine, the ultra-modern OPPO A78 is available in two colors: Aqua Green and Mist Black. During the sales launch (from August 15 to September 10), OPPO A78 with 8 GB RAM + 256 GB ROM can be purchased for only 9999 UAH ($270) instead of 11,111 UAH ($300) on the websites and stores of partners: oppoua.com, Comfy, Citrus, Foxtrot, Allo, Eldorado, Rozetka and others.

You can also buy OPPO‘s branded translucent cases in two colors: black and green. They will not only emphasize the sophisticated design of the new smartphone’s back panel, but also serve as additional protection against scratches and drops.


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