Operators will be able to install base stations faster

Operators will be able to install base stations faster

The mobile network in Ukraine will be restored faster. The Verkhovna Rada registered draft law No. 10299, which will speed up the deployment of base stations.

Part of the draft law concerns telecommunications and will help operators to conclude lease agreements for the installation of base stations faster. This will accelerate the restoration of high-quality connection in the de-occupied territories.

The main change in the draft law for telecom is to simplify and speed up the transfer of property for lease to place telecom equipment:

  • In wartime and 5 years after its cancellation, the lease term is reduced from 85 working days to 51.
  • In peacetime, it went from 118 working days to 66.

Information warfare is one of the main tools of the enemy. The restoration of the Ukrainian network after de-occupation should be carried out as soon as possible so that citizens have access to Ukrainian news and information resources.

Representatives of the State Property Fund and mobile operators joined the joint work on the draft law. Now we are waiting for the draft law to be adopted.


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