One third of Ukrainians check the news every hour

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Rakuten Viber conducted a survey among Ukrainians to find out how much time users spend on their smartphones and how often they check news and messages in the channels. More than 70 thousand users took part in the survey on the official Viber Ukraine channel.

The survey results showed that 39% of Ukrainians spend 4-6 hours a day on their smartphones. Another third of respondents (35%) spend only 1-2 hours online, noting that they are busy with other things. 26% of respondents spend about 2-4 hours online during the day.

The answers to the question “How much time do you spend on your smartphone during the day?” were distributed as follows:

  • 4-6 hours. All my life – on the phone – 39%
  • 2-4 hours. I take care of my eyesight – 26%
  • 1-2 hours. Doing other things – 35%.

How much time do you spend on your smartphone during the day?

Rakuten Viber also asked Ukrainians how often they scroll through their news feeds or check their channels. 41% of respondents said they monitor the latest events 1-2 times a day. Almost a third of respondents (27%) check the news at least once an hour. There are also those who do not check the feed as often: 12% of Ukrainians believe that once a day is enough to avoid missing anything important, and 8% watch the news only during air alerts. In addition, 10% of respondents do not read the news at all.

How often do you scroll through the news feed or check channels?

Respondents’ answers to the question “How often do you scroll through the news feed or check channels?” were as follows:

  • At least once an hour – 27%
  • 1-2 times a day – 41%
  • 1 time per day is enough – 13%
  • I monitor the news only during air alerts – 8%
  • I do not read the news at all – 11%

About Viber

Viber is the most popular messenger in Ukraine, with 98% of smartphones installed. During the war, the Viber team is doing everything possible to keep Ukrainians connected and receive up-to-date and verified information from official channels.

Tens of millions of Ukrainians are sending free text messages to each other on Viber, making video calls, chatting in group chats, and following updates from the media, government agencies, celebrities, and brands.


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