NVIDIA’s RTX Remix allows gamers to remaster games on their PCs

NVIDIA's RTX Remix allows gamers to remaster games on their PCs

RTX Remix by Nvidia, which is due to be released in beta this month, is causing quite a stir among gaming enthusiasts and modders. The tool promises to transform classic games into a visually stunning experience, complete with advanced features such as ray tracing. At CES 2024, Jacob Freeman, Nvidia’s GeForce evangelist, confirmed to IGN that this beta is not just a teaser, but a full-scale remastering of classic games from start to finish.

The technology was first introduced in September 2022

This news is especially exciting for those familiar with modding. Freeman emphasized that with the right skills, RTX Remix can be used to completely revamp classic games. The tool has already shown its potential in projects such as the remastering of Half-Life 2 by Orbifold Studios, demonstrating the power of RTX Remix to improve visuals and the overall game experience.

The RTX Portal and Half-Life 2 RTX, which is currently under development, were created using previous versions of RTX Remix, and give an idea of the tool’s capabilities. These projects not only raised the bar for game remastering, but also proved the tool’s effectiveness. The confirmation from Nvidia dispels any doubts about the tool’s capabilities, reassuring both inquisitive modders and gamers.

Introduced in September 2022, RTX Remix quickly attracted attention thanks to a demo remaster of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It demonstrated how even older games can be rejuvenated, offering a modern visual experience while retaining their original charm. For the gaming community, RTX Remix is not just another modding tool; it’s a way to revisit their favorite classics in a new light, making old favorites shine for a new generation of gamers.


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