Nokia and Honor have exchanged patents for 5G

Nokia and Honor have exchanged patents for 5G

Nokia and Honor have signed a 5G patent cross-licensing agreement, a mutually beneficial step for both companies, paving the way for further development and deployment of 5G technology.

The agreement, which was announced on January 4, covers fundamental inventions in 5G and other cellular networks and is Nokia’s fourth major smartphone patent agreement in the last year.

The specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but both companies expressed their satisfaction. Susanna Martikainen, Nokia’s chief licensing officer, said the deal underscores the strength of their patent portfolio and decades of contribution to mobile technology.

Honor’s representative, Zhou Wenyu, emphasized their commitment to intellectual property rights and their belief in fair pricing for core patents.

This agreement is more than just a paper handshake. It avoids potential legal battles while promoting collaboration on important 5G technology. Both companies are major players in the mobile industry. Since 2000, Nokia has invested more than €140 billion in research and development, leading to the creation of some 20,000 patent families, including more than 6,000 that are critical to 5G. In addition, this is Nokia’s fourth major smartphone patent deal in the last 12 months.

Honor, on the other hand, sees the deal as a testament to their commitment to innovation and intellectual property rights. They also invest heavily in research and development, reportedly allocating around 10% of their revenue to stay ahead of the curve. In addition, their global patent application count is said to have crossed the 20,000 mark.

This news comes on the heels of a recent Chinese court ruling in favor of Nokia in a patent dispute with another phone manufacturer. This decision sets a global precedent for patent disputes over 2G-5G standards.

For those who don’t know, Nokia also made a deal with Samsung in early 2023 and Apple in July. With Samsung, Apple, and now Honor on board, it looks like Nokia’s grip on the 5G patent landscape is getting stronger.


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