Minimum communication tariffs jumped to almost $5

Minimum communication tariffs jumped to almost $5

Currently, the minimum tariffs for prepaid communication in Ukraine have jumped to almost UAH 200 ($5.4) in four weeks in all mobile networks. Vodafone’s Joice Start tariff plan costs UAH 180 ($4.86), Kyivstar’s Love UA Light costs UAH 190 ($5.14), and lifecell’s Prosto Life costs UAH 160 ($4.32). At the same time, the latter tariff attracts subscribers of other operators, as it costs only UAH 90 ($2.43) when switching from another operator.

To save money on mobile communications, you need to carefully analyze the features of the tariffs, because, for example, Kyivstar and Vodafone provide 15 GB of Internet with free traffic to a large number of mobile applications, while lifecell provides only 8 GB. In addition, Kyivstar provides 5 GB of free roaming in 27 countries, which is important for Ukrainian migrants. The “Affordable Roaming as a Gift” promotion is also available in all Joice tariffs: it includes 10 GB of Internet traffic and 100 minutes of talk time.

When ordering the minimum tariffs, you should also pay attention to the number and distribution of minutes promised by operators. For example, lifecell gives 300 free minutes, but to all numbers. After using them, calls to the lifecell network will be free, and calls to other networks will cost 2 UAH/min ($0.05). Vodafone has a similar scheme, but offers 800 minutes.

After they are used, calls within the operator’s network are free, and to other phones cost 0.60 UAH/min ($0.02). Kyivstar offers all calls within the network for free, and after using 150 minutes, you can use packages of 10 minutes for 5 UAH ($0.14).

Lifecell has a unique tariff called Handmade, where a subscriber can choose a tariff to suit his or her needs. If they don’t use, for example, mobile Internet or voice calls, the operator allows them to choose the content of the service package and, accordingly, its price.

Kyivstar, on the other hand, has retained its tariffs for pensioners, but they are only for contract subscribers, and they are not cheap – UAH 125 ($3.38) and 175 ($4.73), respectively, with 5 and 7 GB of traffic and 50/70 minutes to other networks.

We can forget about any minimum tariffs for push-button phones, as operators have long been offering only tariffs with gigabytes of traffic, whether anyone needs it or not.


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