LG Tone Free T80 wireless headphones are presented

LG Tone Free T80 wireless headphones are presented

LG has released Tone Free T80 wireless headphones with several improvements over the previous model. The new LG T80 wireless headphones are equipped with a graphene speaker and feature Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Head Tracking. The Tone Free T80s are designed to improve sound quality with a reinforced graphene driver and overall design.


The Tone Free T80 headphones are designed to deliver balanced audio output that covers the midrange and highs as well as the bass. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Head Tracking further enhance the sound performance of the device. The headphones support Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation and can detect the noise level around you and adjust the intensity accordingly.

The headphones are equipped with four microphones to improve the sound quality during calls. It optimizes the sound modes and allows the user to receive calls even in quite noisy environments. The headphones also have a whisper mode that allows you to receive calls discreetly by speaking in soft tones through the right earbud.

LG Tone Free T80 wireless headphones are IPX4 rated and protected from light rain or water drops. They also come with medical-grade ear gels and ensure comfortable use at all times. The T80 earbuds work for up to 36 hours without recharging. They support Bluetooth 5.4 connectivity, wear detection, Dolby Virtualizer and Optimizer.

Price and availability

LG Tone Free T80 headphones are sold in a bundle that includes a free XBOOM Go XG5QGR Bluetooth speaker. The price for the T80 headphone bundle is $199.99. It is not known how long this offer will last before the model returns to its original price.


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