LG introduces LG Business Cloud cloud solution platform

LG introduces LG Business Cloud cloud solution platform

LG Electronics has unveiled its innovative LG Business Cloud cloud solution platform at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024. The new user-friendly platform allows business customers to view, subscribe to, and manage LG Digital Signage cloud solutions remotely. LG Business Cloud is compatible with several LG Digital Signage product lines, including Micro LED displays, commercial TVs, OLED Signage transparent line, and LED displays.

Why LG Business Cloud

LG Business Cloud enables users to create a commercial cloud-based solution for their LG digital signage through a simple one-time registration process. In addition to eliminating the need to browse multiple different pages, submit inquiries, and communicate with sales representatives, the new platform offers training videos (from beginner to expert level) that address a variety of business needs and explain how to get the most out of LG’s specialized cloud offerings. In addition, the LG Business Cloud structure enhances the customer experience by enabling customer queries to be answered directly on the website.

The platform includes the LG SuperSign Cloud Digital Signage Content Management Solution (CMS) and LG Pro:Centric Cloud, the company’s CMS focused on hotel TV. These solutions allow users to customize the content (such as welcome messages, information about the venue, and promotions) displayed on digital signage, as well as the display schedule.

LG Business Cloud also features LG ConnectedCare, a remote management solution that actively monitors the performance/health of LG signage and sends immediate email alerts if unexpected events are detected. In addition, LG ConnectedCare allows users to remotely adjust various settings such as screen brightness and volume.

Testing the platform

The all-in-one Business Cloud platform gives users the opportunity to explore all of LG’s cloud solutions and try them out for themselves with the help of trial licenses offered. After selecting the LG cloud solution they wish to subscribe to, customers can customize the duration of the respective license agreement and easily activate the license after purchase.

What’s more, LG Business Cloud places no restrictions on the number of devices you can use for access, expanding the signage management experience for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to corporate giants.

User-friendly interface of LG Business Cloud

In addition, LG Business Cloud boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users of all levels. They can monitor the status of connected LG digital signage in real time and enjoy easy remote control without any effort. Customers are eager to take advantage of remote control functions such as power on/off and reboot, as well as the dashboard that allows them to quickly check the operating status of their signs.

In addition, partnership solutions offered through LG Business Cloud also include media art applications that provide users with access to a variety of dynamic artworks, as well as services that provide real-time information on weather, flights, and local tourism.

A valuable tool for retail, enterprise and government customers, LG Business Cloud is a one-stop solution for comparing, subscribing and managing LG Digital Signage cloud solutions. It consolidates a number of related services and features to enhance the overall customer experience, and will eventually cover additional product categories to provide even greater value and convenience.

Навіщо LG Business Cloud

B2B as an engine of LG’s growth

At CES 2024, LG CEO William Cho highlighted the B2B business as LG’s new growth engine, noting that the company will expand its product portfolio to include even more innovative consumer-focused solutions. After last year’s successful launch of its home solutions business, which combines service subscriptions with smart home appliances, LG plans to use the same model (seamlessly integrated services and equipment) to develop its B2B solutions business.

“LG Business Cloud is a dedicated platform that simplifies the management of LG Digital Signage cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes,” said Paik Ki-Moon, senior vice president and head of the Information Display business unit at LG Business Solutions. “LG is an end-to-end solution provider, offering innovative advertising displays and user-friendly software that save time and improve customer experience.”

LG Business Cloud was presented at ISE 2024 from January 30 to February 2, and is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of this year. The LG Business Cloud will be available in North America first and will be expanded to other markets, including South Korea and Europe.


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