LEGO Fortnite gets its first major content update

LEGO Fortnite gets its first major content update

On Tuesday, LEGO Fortnite, which launched in late 2023, receives its first major content update. The update is aimed at fixing some issues, which will smooth out some rough edges. Despite the addition of new content, as expected, the game has improved significantly after the update as it fixes small issues.

The update for LEGO Fornite is being released simultaneously with the release of Fortnite 28.10 on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, and Nintendo Switch. The update includes new content, bug fixes, quality of life updates, and LEGO styles.

However, LEGO Fortnite fans can expect server downtime from 9am to around 11am GMT on January 23 as the update is rolled out. The update introduces LEGO versions of the Fortnite Icon skins and includes bug fixes, gameplay features, items, and balance changes. One of the notable additions is rocket racing, as well as Fortnite Festival and Battle Royale updates.

Notes on the patch for the LEGO Fortnite update (10/28) include

  • Mobile devices – players unable to eat after dropping or pushing a crate:
    Lego Fortnite players using mobile devices may experience issues where they are unable to eat after dropping or pushing a crate.
  • Other players may appear far away from you:
    When loading into someone else’s world, other players may appear far away from the world owner.
  • Joining from the Lobby may be disabled:
    When you try to join LEGO World from the lobby, you may receive confusing messages, especially when using multiple controllers or accounts on the same device.
  • Villagers do not work at the metallurgical plant:
    Villagers assigned to work at the metallurgical plant are not moving forward and are not producing any results.
  • Starting location is sometimes far from resources:
    Starting points for players may sometimes appear in the ocean, tundra, or desert instead of being closer to resources.
  • Errors when creating worlds:
    Some players may encounter errors when creating worlds.

As the game continues to receive updates, it may attract a wider audience, especially those who enjoy cozy and creative gameplay reminiscent of games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Valheim.

With this update, LEGO Fortnite fans can expect exciting new content and improvements that will strengthen the collaboration between the popular game and the iconic LEGO brand.


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