Laminated front glass of the Apple Vision Pro is very easy to scratch

Laminated front glass of the Apple Vision Pro is very easy to scratch

The long-awaited Apple Vision Pro has officially launched in the United States, attracting the attention of interested users. The first tests showed that their front glass is laminated, which is essentially a plastic layer on top of the glass. While the plastic layer can protect the glass from breaking, they are very vulnerable to scratches.

Today, YouTube creator Jack Nelson of JerryRigEverything shared a video focusing on the front glass covering the Vision Pro’s camera, sensor, and display. While laminated glass usually has a plastic layer to increase impact resistance, the Vision Pro’s design leaves this layer exposed, making it very scratchy.

Tests on the Mohs hardness scale have shown that tools with a hardness level of 2 can leave light scratches on the Vision Pro’s front glass, while tools with a hardness level of 3 cause deeper scratches. This is in stark contrast to the displays of most smartphones, which typically only show scratches at a hardness level of 6-7.

As a result, everyday objects such as keys, coins, and even dust pose a significant risk of leaving permanent marks on the front glass of the Vision Pro. To mitigate this problem, Apple includes a special protective case and polishing cloth in the product packaging. However, replacing the front glass costs $799, which emphasizes the seriousness of potential damage.

Despite this vulnerability, the outer plastic layer has an advantage: increased drop resistance. A drop test conducted by AppleTrack demonstrated that the Vision Pro’s front glass can withstand several drops before breaking, which reassures users who are afraid of accidental bumps.

Although Apple Vision Pro excels in one aspect, its vulnerability to scratches emphasizes the importance of proper handling and care. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this “special computing” device will soon be available on the Chinese market.


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