Kolossal platform is created for OSINT intelligence

Kolossal platform is created for OSINT intelligence

Every day, the Russian occupation forces post dozens of photos and videos on the Internet showing their positions, location, and equipment. This is useful data for the Ukrainian military. But to determine it accurately, you need to check thousands of social media pages, hundreds of different websites and other resources.

The Defense Forces already have units that are experts in conducting open source intelligence (OSINT) and collecting useful information. But not all military personnel can do this, especially at the front. That’s why a Ukrainian development team from DeepstateUA created the Kolossal platform.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

“This is a powerful technology that can collect and process massive amounts of OSINT data and then turn it into simple and understandable information. On the interactive map, soldiers will be able to check or clarify specific details to better plan their actions. After all, high-quality intelligence is the basis for successful counteraction to the enemy,” the official said.

The development team is currently beta testing the technology and improving Kolossal tools based on user feedback.

Ukrainian defense-tech continues to develop. If you have a unique development that can be useful to the Defense Forces, join the defense cluster Brave1.


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