Key details about the Vivo V40 series have leaked

Key details about the Vivo V40 series have leaked

Vivo is preparing to introduce new devices in the mid-range segment. In the Gizmochina‘s database, they spotted a new line of Vivo “V series” smartphones.

Earlier this year, the company released the V30 series. So many expected that the next smartphones would bear the market names V31 or V33. And yet, Vivo’s decision turned out to be to introduce the V40 series. Vivo is going to introduce a completely new line of smartphones.

The technical specifications of the upcoming Vivo V40 series are still a secret. However, we know that the Vivo V40 series will consist of three smartphones: Vivo V40 Pro, Vivo V40, and Vivo V40e. We expect these phones to perform very well, as a recent interview with a Vivo executive hinted that the V40 series is a completely different line of smartphones. This actually explains why Vivo chose the name “V40” for its upcoming smartphone series.

Vivo V40 Pro V2347

The Vivo V40 Pro appears in their database under the model number V2347, while the previous model, the Vivo V30 Pro, has the model number V2319. While we don’t have much information about the device, we can have high hopes for this model and the rest of the series based on the statement from the Vivo executive. While the Y series is aimed at budget buyers, Vivo’s V series fills the market for mid-range devices. The V40 series hints at a potential strong player in the mid-range Android market.

Let’s go back to the vivo V40 series. The Vivo V40 appears in the database with the model number “V2348”, and the Vivo V40e has the model number V2403. The previous model, the Vivo V30, has the model number V2318, and the Vivo V30e has the model number V2339.

The upcoming Vivo V40 series has caused a lot of excitement. We expect the new phones to feature powerful chipsets, impressive camera sensors, and advanced fast charging technology. Given that the V30 series was launched in early 2024, the V40 series seems likely to be released at the end of the year. We will keep you updated on any further developments.


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