IT Ukraine is looking for Ambassadors to work around the world

IT Ukraine Executive Director Mariia Shevchuk

The pilot project “IT Ukraine Association Ambassadors” envisages the creation of a large-scale system of representation of the Association in the focus markets.

Project goal

The ambassadors will work on a voluntary basis to expand the network of partnerships, search for new initiatives and activities, expand the network of the EBA and its members, and increase public representation abroad.

The Ambassadors will focus on the markets of North America (USA, Canada), Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland), Germany, the UK, MENA region (UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.), Asia, and Poland.

IT Ukraine Executive Director Mariia Shevchuk noted in a commentary for HiTech Expert that such a project is driven by the need to constantly promote Ukrainian IT, participate in various events, and the heavy workload of the Association. At the same time, ambassadors can be employees of IT Ukraine member companies that have their offices in different countries.

IT Ukraine Executive Director Mariia Shevchuk

Tasks of the Ambassadors

The Ambassadors will be tasked with the following:

  • Participation in public speeches and events to represent the EBA and the IT sector of Ukraine.
  • Maintaining systematic communication with the EBA’s existing foreign partners and expanding the network of contacts and possible partners.
  • Establishing partnership communication with other market stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental organizations, local and international businesses, etc.).
  • Generating and developing ideas for joint events with international partners and participating in their implementation in conjunction with the EBA International Cooperation Department.
  • Representing the interests of the Association and promoting the Ukrainian IT industry to an international audience, including government agencies and other institutions.
  • Systematic work on obtaining preferential conditions for EBA members to participate in international events.

Applications can be submitted online from June 13 to July 4.


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