IT Army hits Russian satellite communications and Internet

IT Army hits Russian satellite communications and Internet

The Ukrainian cyber community continues to attack the companies of the terrorist country. Over the past few weeks, they have managed to cause damage and suspend the operation of critical facilities. The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine tells about the main results.

Stopping Internet providers

For example, IT Army stopped the work of major Russian Internet providers Megafon, Chebnet, Wifire, Netbynet, which were not working in different parts of the terrorist country.

But Megafon, one of the largest mobile and fixed-line operators, could not recover from the attack for more than four days.


Attack on satellite communications

Ukrainian hackers attacked Gazprom Space Systems, partially shutting down one of the largest sponsors of terrorism, Gazprom. At the same time, some state financial services associated with the company stopped working.

The IT Army also hit the “Satellite Communications” network used by the Russian military. The network is essential for many military operations, so this attack was strategically important.

Even the interbank payment system has partially stopped working, a powerful blow to the enemy’s economy.

How to get involved

You can also join the next attack as anyone can become a part of the IT Army. To do so, simply install the software from the IT ARMY website ( Further setup and execution of attacks will not require your attention.


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