iPhone 16 Pro models may receive a new lens coating

iPhone 16 Pro models may receive a new lens coating

Based on what we know so far, the iPhone 16 will only have a few notable improvements over the iPhone 15 series. The latest revelation concerns a lens coating that could solve two key problems with the iPhone’s camera system. If successful, it will be a significant improvement over its predecessor in the camera department. So let’s take a look at what it is and how it might work.

The new iPhone 16 Pro lens coating can solve the problem of lens flare and ghosting

As reported by Naver user Yeux1122, the technology Apple is working on is known as ALD, which is an acronym for atomic layer deposition. This is a method of applying an extremely thin (only a few nanometers thick) layer of an element to a surface. In addition, it covers the entire surface in a uniform layer. These characteristics make this technology very suitable for its intended use. But what problem is Apple trying to solve with this layer? Well, mainly lens flare and ghosting in images.

If you’re not familiar with the terms, lens flare is the phenomenon where light is reflected (unwanted) from the surface of the lens in front of the sensor. Some of this reflected light ends up on the sensor. The problem becomes noticeable when you shoot a bright subject against a dark background. Another problem that occurs due to the reflection of light from the lens surface is the halos that appear on the screen.

The coating that Apple is working on reduces the reflectivity of the glass surface, which ultimately reduces haze in the final images. Notably, the source claims that this new coating will be limited to iPhone 16 Pro models. Last year, the company kept the titanium frame exclusive to the iPhone Pro. The Dynamic Island also remained exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models.


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