iPhone 16 may have a capture button like DSLRs

iPhone 16 may have a capture button like DSLRs

Leaks and rumors about the iPhone 16 series have been flying around the web for some time now. Apple’s next-generation flagship smartphones are expected to debut in September this year. Previous reports suggested that the iPhone 16 models will have a special “Capture” button. Now, in the latest report, Weibo user Instant Digital, who has a controversial reputation, has revealed details about the Capture button.

According to Instant Digital, the iPhone 16’s shoot button will be able to recognize multiple levels of pressure. This is similar to the two-stage buttons on digital cameras. Its main function will be to start shooting an image or video. However, a light or half press will allow the user to lock and adjust the focus. This will be much more convenient than pressing the display with your finger to lock the focus on the subject so that the image does not turn out blurry. A recent report also revealed that the Capture button may also support the zoom in and out function.

Some Sony Xperia phones already come with two-step shutter buttons. A dedicated Capture button allows users to take photos quickly. The Action button on iPhone 15 Pro models can only be programmed to launch the camera app. The Weibo user also adds that Apple‘s addition of the Capture button on the iPhone 16 shows that the company is emphasizing photography in its next-generation offerings. This could be a useful addition for serious photographers and videographers.

It is not yet known whether the Capture button will appear in all iPhone 16 models. In early images of the iPhone 16 Pro, you could see a special button in the lower right part of the screen.


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