iPhone 15 Pro can’t support 30fps in Resident Evil 4 Remake

iPhone 15 Pro can't support 30fps in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro series is positioned as a powerful gaming device, boasting high performance in AAA games such as Resident Evil Village. However, recent tests conducted on the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake showed that the gaming experience on the iPhone 15 Pro is not optimal, while the iPad Pro with the M2 processor worked quite well with the game.

MrMacRight has conducted performance tests of iPhone 15 Pro, iPad M1, and iPad M2, focusing on the game Resident Evil 4: Remastered. The results published in the video show that the iPhone 15 Pro failed to provide satisfactory gaming performance. The game, running at a resolution of 1560×720 with MetalFX sharpening technology enabled, consistently fell short of the 30 FPS (frames per second) limit on iOS.

While simpler scenes maintained a relatively stable frame rate, reaching nearly 30 FPS, more intense scenarios such as combat caused a significant drop, dropping below 25 FPS and in some cases as low as 20 FPS. At these moments, the graphics slowed down significantly, which significantly affected the overall gameplay experience, especially when using a sniper rifle.

In contrast to the successful adaptation of Resident Evil Village for iPhone, the iOS version of Resident Evil 4 Remake has no customizable settings and relies on pre-set graphics. In particular, there is no long-awaited ray tracing feature, which was previously emphasized by Apple.

One of the important factors contributing to the poor performance of the iPhone 15 Pro is likely to be heat dissipation issues. During testing, the device experienced a rapid temperature increase, which caused a decrease in the frequency cutoff and exacerbated stuttering issues. Interestingly, while the iPhone 15 Pro encountered problems, the iPad Pro equipped with the M2 chip demonstrated excellent performance. Running the game at a higher resolution with a more stable frame rate, the iPad Pro proved to be a more reliable option.


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