International Register of Damage will accept applications through Diia

International Register of Damage will accept applications through Diia

The Ministry of Digital Transformation has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Register of Damage based in The Hague. Soon, every Ukrainian whose home has been damaged will be able to submit an application to the Register in a few clicks – in Diia. This is necessary to record the real scale of damage caused by Russian aggression and to launch a compensation mechanism.

This will be a completely new service in Diia and the first case of international data exchange for which Diia will be used. Stay tuned for updates and join the Register.

“Diia has become one of the main digital tools for reconstruction. First, we launched the service Notification of Damaged Property, then, together with the Ministry of Reconstruction, the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property, and later the eRecovery service. Submitting applications through Diia to the International Register of Damage is an important step in recording losses and confirming all losses caused by Russia. Diia is becoming an important part of transferring and reflecting the scale of damage in order to launch a compensation mechanism in the future,” says Mikhail Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology.

Михайло Федоров та Маркіян Ключковський

How it will work

At the first stage, it will be possible to submit applications for damaged or destroyed housing. It is important that such housing must have an inspection report from the local authorities.

In the future, the Register will be able to record different categories of damage from Russian aggression. Thus, victims will be able to file claims for:

  • harm to life and health;
  • torture, imprisonment and sexual violence;
  • forced displacement (in Ukraine and abroad);
  • other damages and losses.

At the next stage, legal entities and the state will also be able to apply. We are talking about damage to business, critical infrastructure, etc.

будинок після обстрілів

Importance of the Register of Losses

Ukraine began recording the consequences of the Russian war in the first month of the full-scale invasion. In March 2022, we launched the Reporting of Damaged and Destroyed Property service in Diia. Since then, Ukrainians have filed 626 thousand reports.

Later, the Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property was created, which became the basis for the launch of the eVodnovlennya service. Under the program, Ukrainians have already received UAH 4.1 billion in financial assistance to repair damaged housing, as well as UAH 3.2 billion in compensation for destroyed homes.

In May last year, the Council of Europe established the international Register of Damage Caused by the Aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which is headquartered in The Hague. The purpose of the Register is to collect statements and evidence of damage and losses caused by Russia’s war against Ukraine, including destruction. The information from the Register of Damage will allow us to record the extent and consequences of the Russian invasion, and subsequently launch a mechanism for paying compensation to all victims. Work on such a mechanism is already underway.

Михайло Федоров та виконавчий директор Реєстру збитків, завданих агресією Російської Федерації проти України Маркіян Ключковський

“The Register of Damages for Ukraine is an important first step towards reparations for the damage caused by Russia’s aggression to Ukraine and all those affected by this aggression. The Register is preparing to accept millions of applications from victims and will start its work soon. We are very pleased to cooperate with the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Diia and the Ministry of Justice. Thanks to Diia being a convenient and reliable application for 20 million Ukrainians, we are able to create a simple, accessible and secure way to submit applications to the Register,” said Markiyan Kliuchkovskyi, Executive Director of the Register of Damages.

In his opinion, the integration of Diia into the extensive infrastructure of digital services and public registers in Ukraine will facilitate the process of collecting evidence to be attached to the application.

The service in Diia and the requirements for the development of an international registry were implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Justice with the support of the USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project.


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