Huawei presents new Fusion Solar solutions

Huawei presents new FusionSolar solutions

Huawei Ukraine together with Photomate took part in the distributed generation exhibition and forum Green Expo 2024, which took place on May 23-24, 2024 at the Kyiv exhibition center “ACCO International”. The companies acted as general partners of the event and presented new modifications of Huawei Fusion Solar photovoltaic solutions for households and businesses that increase the safety, efficiency of electricity generation and ensure autonomy during emergency outages.

The participants of the event discussed trends in the alternative energy industry and exchanged ideas aimed at preserving and developing a green and intelligent future.

“For Ukraine, the path to energy independence and sustainability is particularly important. The development of renewable energy sources is not only a strategic necessity, but also an opportunity for individuals, businesses and the entire country to take control of their energy future,” says Tony Cao, CEO of Huawei Ukraine.

According to him, Huawei Ukraine is doing its best to introduce the most advanced technologies to the Ukrainian market. By showcasing the latest achievements in renewable energy and facilitating networking, such exhibitions allow businesses to explore new opportunities, citizens to learn about sustainable practices, and policy makers to build a more sustainable energy infrastructure.

Тоні Цао, генеральний директор «Хуавей Україна»

Energy saving solutions

During the event, Huawei Ukraine presented modern energy saving solutions for households:

  • The SUN2000-8K-LC0 and SUN2000-10K-LC0 smart single-phase inverters with a capacity of 8 kW and 10 kW, more powerful than the previous version by 2-6 kW.
  • The second generation of the LUNA2000-7/14/21-S1 smart energy storage system, which has a modular design, contains lithium iron phosphate cells, can be installed outdoors and supports the parallel installation of up to 4 units – up to 82.8 kWh in total.
  • The SmartGuard-63A-S0 backup power supply panel, which provides seamless switching (<20 ms) to backup power during outages, monitoring, energy management and export management.
  • Smart charger for electric vehicles – SCharger-7KS-S0 and SCharger-22KT-S0, which is able to increase the level of self-consumption from the solar power plant and is fully controlled through the monitoring system.

For business, the company has introduced a commercial line of Smart String ESS LUNA2000 energy storage units with four capacity modifications, all of which include an intelligent rack controller and an intelligent power management system.

Fusion Solar Home

Fusion Solar Home

“Today, for the first time in Ukraine, we are presenting a new system for the home, Fusion Solar Home, which consists of many elements. Huawei’s innovative technology allows you to direct energy flows from a solar station or battery to specific needs, and in the event of outages, extend the duration of power supply by turning off unnecessary loads,” said Oleksandr Ivashchenko, Head of Technical Solutions at Photomate.

In his opinion, no other manufacturer is currently able to provide such a comprehensive solution. In addition, the company offers a 100 kW energy storage system with a capacity of almost 200 kWh. This technology allows to reduce dependence on the grid, save money, and accumulate surplus energy from the solar power plant, which will help cover its consumption in case of blackouts.

Huawei Ukraine and Photomate specialists took part in a number of panel discussions at Green Expo 2024, including energy independence and cost reduction for businesses and households, as well as the prospects for the alternative energy market in Ukraine.


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