Today we are reviewing a budget version of Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 headphones, kindly provided for testing by the Chinese company’s representative office in Ukraine.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2The headphones come in a white and red thick cardboard package with an image of the model (on the front surface) and its six main characteristics (on the opposite side). The latter include battery life, light weight and compactness with an ergonomic design, fast charging mode, dust and moisture protection, neodymium magnetic dynamic driver, and reliable Bluetooth 5.3 connection.

Completeness and design

Inside the package are the headphones themselves in a glossy white charging case, a short charging cable, and documentation.
Huawei FreeBuds SE 2FreeBuds SE 2 are wireless in-ear headphones. They have an ergonomic shape of the main body and a short leg with contacts, as well as touch control areas with small recesses.

The model is available in two colors: white and blue. I’m testing the white version.

On the outside of the device and on the top there are holes where the microphones are located. There are 2 charging contacts on the bottom of the legs. The L (left) and R (right) markings are visible only when you look very closely at the inside of the legs.

Appearance and dimensions

The FreeBuds SE 2 case is compact and fits easily in your hand. You can put it in your jeans pocket without feeling uncomfortable. The shape of the case is square with rounded corners and edges. The brand name is HUAWEI on the front. The dimensions of the case are 50.4×50.31×23.40 mm – slightly wider and slightly shorter than a matchbox.
The compact earmolds are easy to remove from the case and insert into the ear. Thanks to their anatomical shape, FreeBuds SE 2 fit snugly and do not cause any discomfort, even during prolonged wear. Therefore, they are perfect for sports and household chores. You don’t have to worry about the headphones falling out during active movement and bending over.


Huawei FreeBuds SE 2The headphones have touch buttons. They allow you to accept and reject calls, manage tracks, and activate the voice assistant. This is a convenient feature that allows you to take out your smartphone without having to answer a call or pause music.

Sound quality

FreeBuds SE 2 are equipped with noise cancellation during a voice call. In my opinion, the earbuds provide clear and detailed sound while listening to music, watching movies, and playing games.

Connecting Huawei FreeBuds SE 2

It is worth noting that the model is equipped with a modern wireless module. It supports the Bluetooth 5.3 communication protocol and is characterized by efficient power consumption, fast connection, and minimal sound delay. Such headphones are a godsend for gamers, where a split second can decide the outcome of a battle. The 5.3 standard also pleases with fast data transfer at speeds of up to 40 megabits per second.

The headphones are protected against dust and splashes according to the IP54 standard. It should be noted that this applies only to the headphones, the charging case is not waterproof.

The case

The charging case is compact and flat. It weighs only 35 grams. There is a Huawei logo on the front and an LED indicator that notifies you when the case is charging. The bottom has a USB-C connector for charging the gadget. I should note right away that there is no usual button for pairing headphones on the case.

The lid of the case is slightly loose, but the magnets are very strong and hold the headphones well inside. The headphones are very securely held inside in two recesses with contacts for charging. The quality of the plastic of the case, I must say, is so-so, in my opinion, scratches will appear in a few weeks of use.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2By the way, this case (and others like it) can be used as an anti-stress toy. You know, it’s nice to hold the case in your hands when you’re nervous and can barely restrain yourself from kicking the crap out of that pumpkin.

Comfortable fit

The headphones are very lightweight (each weighs 4 g) and are practically invisible inside. This is due to the serious work of a team of manufacturers who conducted thorough research on the auricles of numerous potential consumers of the future gadget. The comfortable fit was achieved by analyzing more than 300,000 samples of ear canals and thoroughly testing the ergonomics of the headphones.

The fit in the ears is typical for earbuds that do not go all the way into the auricles. However, the fixation is quite good, the headphones hold well during running and exercise.

Given the design, noise isolation is out of the question, so you can hear what’s going on around you in addition to the music.

Stable connection

Bluetooth version 5.3 provides a fairly stable connection, and no complaints were observed during operation.

At the very beginning of testing, I had a setback and a slight disappointment. The fact is that out of all the gadgets I wanted to connect to (7 in total), only my work smartphone Xiaomi was connected. The most sincere surprise was caused by the fact that the Huawei laptop categorically refused to “see” its counterpart, but after all, it is, after all, one ecosystem.

Willy-nilly, I had to “study the details”. It turns out that to pair with a smartphone (as well as with another device), you need to open the lid of the headphone case and touch the sensor zones of the “ears” for at least 3 seconds, which, in my opinion, is inconvenient, because both hands are involved, while with the pairing button, one was enough. However, all’s well that ends well.

I made the necessary manipulations, after which all the previously rejected devices, including the “grandfathered” Honor 9, connected without any problems. Another annoyance was the inability of this model to work with two devices (unlike its older brothers). In other words, FreeBuds SE 2 does not have multipoint support.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2

AI Life

To make the headphones work more efficiently with your smartphone, I would recommend installing the proprietary AI Life app. The app has information about the charge of the headphones and the case, an equalizer with several ready-made settings, software updates, and headphone search.

By the way, the search, in my opinion, leaves much to be desired, since it is not performed using GPS, but by playing a sound signal from each headphone. This signal is very quiet and does not always help to find “ears” even at a very short distance.

In the advanced settings, there is a dynamic delay function. This is when the lowest latency mode is activated when the game starts, which will probably be appreciated by gamers and all those who are annoyed by the out-of-sync.

In technical terms, SBC and AAC codecs are supported. Dynamic emitters with 10 mm drivers are responsible for the sound. The range of reproduced frequencies is standard (20 – 20,000 Hz). The sound is quite smooth and pleasant (taking into account their price category). However, this model is not for gourmet music lovers.

The quality of the headphone microphone does not cause complaints. The sound is good in the room, but outdoors, in my opinion, it’s a bit deaf.

Touch controls are quite basic: only double or long taps are supported. And while double taps can be used to set up playback and pause, as well as launch a voice assistant or switch tracks, long taps can only reject calls.

Autonomy is one of the features

One of the main features of the model is its long battery life. Inside each headphone is a 41 mAh battery, but the battery in the case is as much as 510 mAh, which is admirable, because the battery life reaches 40 hours with 4 charges in total. And on a single charge, the headphones worked for up to 9 hours. All this at a volume of 50%.

However, when the volume was increased, they lasted up to 6 hours. This is a good indicator for such compact headphones. In general, you can wonder for a long time how this is possible. To fit everything into such a miniature product. But this is called scientific and technological progress and its skillful implementation.

Another “feature” is fast charging, when 10 minutes of charging in the case provides 3 hours of audio pleasure. It takes almost 2 hours to fully charge the case.

Overall impressions

These headphones are for undemanding users who are looking for an inexpensive entry-level model.

The advantages include long battery life and fast charging, as well as very good sound quality.

Cons: no multipoint, connection to only one device – the manufacturer decided to save a little money! In addition, there is no sensor for stopping playback when the “ears” are removed from the ears (sorry for the tautology). I would also like more volume margin for particularly noisy places.

However, I emphasize that these are the cheapest TWS headphones from Huawei that are sold officially in Ukraine. The price (around 1,500 UAH), in my opinion, is quite normal, because this is a branded item (and you have to pay for the brand) with adequate sound, the case and the headphones themselves are very light and compact. Increased battery life and fast charging are additional advantages of this model.

Thus, FreeBuds SE 2 are lightweight and compact wireless headphones that combine high-quality components, a long-lasting battery, a pleasant design and modern technology.

Support for Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity provides a fast and stable connection. By the way, the speakers have successfully passed 26 rigorous reliability tests.
The model instantly connects to the last connected device as soon as you open the charging case. The shape of the headphones follows the structure of the auricle, which ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Thanks to IP53 splash protection, the device is comfortable to use in the rain or during sports. The model supports touch and gesture control and voice assistants.

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2

You can fine-tune the sound of the headphones using the equalizer in the AI Life mobile app.

Expert opinion

Huawei FreeBuds SE 2 are affordable, high-quality wireless headphones for everyday use. They will give you freedom of movement while traveling, walking, and playing sports. Long battery life is what you need for remote work and long trips or flights. Magnetic attachment and ergonomic shape will make use comfortable and convenient.

They are positioned as an inexpensive solution without active noise reduction, but boast high battery life and high-quality sound. Excellent clear sound. The bass is decent! And all this in a streamlined, elegant form.

Among the additional features, the manufacturer highlights support for electronic noise cancellation when using the device as a headset. Testing has shown that the positive outweighs the negative aspects of the device.

After weighing all the pros and cons, we can conclude that the FreeBuds SE 2 TWS headphones are worth buying, especially since they cost 1499 UAH (39 USD).


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