More than a third of the world’s population considers themselves Generation Z. These are people born between 1997 and 2012. They are technologically savvy, independent and radically different from any previous generation. Gen Z is the children of the digital age, they are extra-progressive, creative and ambitious.

Zoomers are conquering the labor market. They will make up a significant share of the working population in a few years. The world’s leading companies realize that zoomers will soon be “running the show” and want to have promising, talented employees of the new generation. So, how to create a workspace for them?

Smart office

To meet the requirements of the most progressive of adult generations, you need to keep track of and use the latest trends, innovative technologies, and features. While virtual reality in the office will cause a wow effect for a millennial, it is not know-how for Gen Z. For zoomers, for example, electronic whiteboards will be the norm, as they can instantly save and print anything written on them. It is worth implementing a smart office now. It is centralized control of all engineering systems with predefined lighting scenarios, background music, data collection and analysis, which increases work efficiency and allows for timely troubleshooting.

Smart office technologies include voice recognition, access control systems, clever storage lockers, smart lighting, and air quality and temperature control in the workspace. Smart glass will be in demand. It is a method of glazing that changes its color and degree of transparency depending on the time of day or at the touch of a button. With a special projector, such glass can also be used as an interactive display.

Multifactor security is an integral part of the work of a zoomer who is aware of the need for reliable protection of personal data. And these are just a few examples of the latest technologies being incorporated into a Generation Z-oriented workspace.

Smart technologies in the office by ZIKZAK Architects

Environmentally friendly workspace

Generation Z is highly sensitive to the environment. Making your workspace environmentally friendly should become an integral part of your corporate culture. It’s not just about switching to paperless workflow or using microfiber towels instead of the usual paper towels. The environmental factor should be taken into account when designing an office.  Many leading companies are already planning or transforming their offices based on sustainability factors. They use interior elements made from environmentally friendly materials or recycled materials, such as countertops made from recycled ocean waste.

The premises are also planned with space for composting stations and waste sorting bins. Biophilia in the office is already a basic need, and a well-thought-out biophilic design is being implemented in almost every work environment. For the progressive generation, the plant compositions will be slightly modified, that is, imperfectly and deliberately carelessly arranged, asymmetrically, imitating plantings in the wild.

Zoomers will appreciate office accessories printed on a 3D printer, as such production reduces the carbon footprint and is much more energy efficient. At the same time, 3D printing can reproduce any curved surface, no matter how complex it is. The conscious generation will take for granted bicycle parking for office employees, and, accordingly, showers in the office. Generation Z is all about mindfulness as a lifestyle, so the work environment is no exception.

Biodynamic lighting

Biodynamic lighting

Zoomers live in conditions of frantic rhythms and constant stress, so they are very careful about their physical and mental health. Biodynamic lighting, which synchronizes with natural light and changes its brightness and temperature depending on the part of the day, is a must for a Gen Z employee, as it contributes to his well-being.

Ergonomic modular chairs, sitting and standing workstations and other office furniture that supports employee health should fill the office. For Gen Z a work environment with a sleeping room or a silent room for relaxation is the norm in a modern office. When designing an office space for zoomer, it is worth considering the location of a working psychotherapist’s office, massage room, and sports area. The kitchen can become a digital detox room and be equipped with the usual zoomer nutritional devices.

Office by ZIKZAK Architects with elements made of recycled plastic

Focuses on teamwork

Gen Zers have been living their entire adult lives in conditions of constant restrictions, crises, pandemics, and wars. It`s a norm for them a hybrid work format and not to be tied to a fixed schedule. But despite this, zoomers appreciate face-to-face communication more than anyone else, because they are so often deprived of it.  Generation Z focuses on teamwork, is a lively community member, and respects corporate culture and close cooperation. Adaptive spaces and cross-functional workplaces, collaborative and recreational areas, and game rooms will facilitate lively communication among socially active zoomers.

When it comes to workplace aesthetics, Generation Z is not afraid of bright colors and loves visual diversity, but at the same time values comfort and simplicity above all else. Ornate styles with a pretense of luxury are not about a conscious minimalist zoomer. And although Gen Zers are the children of the future, they honor history and proudly wear old-school clothes. And in the interior, they would rather prefer a reused modernized old chair than a futuristic fancy sofa capsule.

Modern lounge area in the office by ZIKZAK Architects

The generation that does not shy away from moving, constant change, and adapting to everything new at the speed of light – this is Generation Z.  To “tie” zoomers to a place, you need to provide them with all the necessary conditions to make them absolutely satisfied with the environment in which they work. Young generational employees prefer owners who share their values, promote career growth, and form a real community.

Generation Z is more demanding than any other generation in terms of workplace culture, practicality, and even perfection. To attract a promising Gen Zer to the company, it is necessary to organize a workspace that demonstrates how much the owner cares about the well-being of its employees, how it creates an inclusive environment for Gen Z and beyond, and, moreover, tries to make the world a better place.

© Written by Alesia Kharnaukhova, CEO at ZIKZAK Architects


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