How to check a website for accessibility and responsiveness

How to check a website for accessibility and responsiveness

Website accessibility and responsiveness are critical factors that affect user satisfaction and, ultimately, the success of your online business. An inaccessible or slow website can drive visitors away and prevent them from using your services or purchasing your products.

In this article, we’ll look at the main indicators that characterize accessibility and responsiveness, popular tools for measuring them, and tips for optimizing these parameters.

Understanding key indicators

Website availability determines how stable the site is and how accessible it is to visitors. It is measured as a percentage of the time the site was available.

Response speed shows how quickly individual pages of a website load. It is measured in seconds. This parameter affects the user’s overall impression of the site.

Both of these factors are important for an optimal user experience. If a site is often unavailable or slow to load content, many visitors will simply leave.

Tools for checking website accessibility

There are many tools for monitoring website accessibility. Among the most popular ones: HostTracker, Pingdom, and Site24x7.

Let’s take a look at the process of checking website availability using the HostTracker service:

  1. Go to the HostTracker website and register, creating a personal account.
  2. Add a website to be monitored by specifying its full URL.
  3. In the monitoring settings, set the required frequency of checks (for example, every 5 minutes).
  4. HostTracker will automatically check the availability of the site at this interval.
  5. If accessibility issues are detected, the system will send a notification to the specified email.
  6. The monitoring results can be viewed in your personal account in the form of reports and graphs for different periods.

перевірка доступності сайту за допомогою HostTracker

So, check the availability of your site with monitoring from hosttracker, it will allow you to easily set up site monitoring and get comprehensive data about its work.

Tools for checking website responsiveness

HostTracker has built-in functionality for analyzing the speed of website pages. Other popular tools include PageSpeed Insights.

Instructions for using HostTracker:

  1. Log in to your personal account on HostTracker.
  2. Add the website to be checked and specify the required URL.
  3. In the test settings, we set the frequency of speed checks.
  4. HostTracker will automatically measure the page load time and compare it with the target metrics.
  5. The results are available in reports in the form of tables and graphs for different periods.

Analysis of the data obtained will help to understand the dynamics, as well as checking the site speed with host tracker monitoring will help to identify problem pages and compare the results before/after optimization. Based on this, you can draw conclusions and make further decisions on how to optimize the performance of the resource.

Інструменти для перевірки швидкості відгуку сайту

Tips for optimization

Here are more detailed tips on how to optimize your website to improve its accessibility and responsiveness:

Image optimization:

  • Compress images without losing quality with special online and offline tools.
  • Use the correct file format (JPG for photos, PNG for graphics).
  • Reduce the size and resolution of images whenever possible.

Caching and compression:

  • Enable server-side caching of static files.
  • Use a CDN to distribute static resources.
  • Activate GZip data compression.

Code optimization:

  • Minimize HTML, CSS, JS files.
  • Use asynchronous script loading.
  • Avoid blocking the main thread.

Software and hosting updates:

  • Use newer versions of PHP, MySQL, and other technologies.
  • Move to a faster hosting with more productive servers.

Network issues can be easily tracked using the online hosting tracer tool, and you can regularly check performance with various tools and implement optimizations.


Regular monitoring and optimization of key metrics can significantly improve website performance, increase conversion and user loyalty. Don’t forget to check the availability and speed of your resource with various tools and implement the necessary improvements.


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