Holiday sale in the Epic Games Store: 17 free games, big coupons

Holiday sale in the Epic Games Store: 17 free games, big coupons

The Epic Games Store is getting ready for its 2023 Holiday Sale, offering a treasure trove of deals for PC gamers. You’ll get 17 free games, even bigger discounts, and a special bonus for Alan Wake 2. So, let’s dive into the highlights in this article.

Starting with Destiny 2: Legacy Collection (including the Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep expansion packs), which will be released on December 13, Epic will be giving away one free game every day until January 10. This is a great opportunity to get some popular games and add to your gaming library without spending a dime.

Epic is also bringing back its reusable coupons, and the discount on eligible purchases has increased to 33%. This applies to both regular and discounted prices, potentially making some games cheaper than on other platforms. Remember that the coupon is applied automatically and is renewed every time you use it, which effectively makes it a permanent 33% discount.

For the duration of the sale, Epic Rewards will give 10% back on all purchases instead of the usual 5%. This means that for a $100 game, you’ll get $10 in credit that can be used for future purchases. Rewards accumulate and expire after 25 months, so be sure to use them before they disappear!

You can also pre-order Alan Wake 2 during the sale and get a free copy of Alan Wake Remastered (worth $30). Alan Wake 2 is already 20% off the regular price, and with a 33% coupon, you can get it for only $27 – a very favorable price for one of the most anticipated games of 2023!

The Epic Games Store holiday sale has started now and will last until January 10, 2024. So, grab your wallet (or should we say Epic account) and get ready.


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