Gurman: Apple Vision Pro 2 is at least 18 months away

Gurman: Apple Vision Pro 2 is at least 18 months away

Apple’s first foray into mixed reality with the Vision Pro headset was generally successful, winning praise for its various mixed reality features.

However, the headset’s high price and initial shortcomings led some buyers to regret their purchase. Now, analyst Mark Gurman suggests that an improved version, Vision Pro 2, may not appear on the market for at least another 18 months.

In his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman said that Apple is at least 18 months away from launching the second generation of the Vision Pro. This means that the Vision Pro 2 could appear sometime in 2026.

There have been reports of customers returning their Vision Pro headsets, raising concerns about the product’s early performance. Gurman notes that returns are common and occur for a variety of reasons.

Gurman said: “Vision Pro is a unique product. If you’ve already bought one, chances are you’re a die-hard Apple fan or a fan of new technology. It can be assumed that this group is much less likely to send something back than regular iPhone or iPad buyers.”

Complaints about the Vision Pro headset mainly relate to the weight of the device, the choice of apps, and the hefty price of $3,500, which does not seem to be justified by the current user experience.

Despite being positioned as a luxury item with a premium price, Vision Pro faces problems typical of first-generation technology.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, criticized its performance, especially in comparison to his own Quest 3, emphasizing the obstacles Apple will face in the rapidly developing market.

Apple is known for its careful approach to new product categories, prioritizing quality over speed. However, the current iteration of Vision Pro doesn’t seem to meet the expectations of some users, so there is definitely room for improvement.


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