Google launches Transparency Center in Ukraine

Google Chrome will add

Today, Google is launching the Transparency Center website in Ukraine, a hub where all information about the company’s policies is collected.

“Billions of people turn to Google every day to access reliable information and content, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our terms of use, product guidelines, developer policies, and community guidelines exist to keep users safe while we fulfill our mission to make information accessible to everyone,” the statement said.

What is available in the Transparency Center

The Transparency Center contains information on the following policies:

  • Policy development process.
  • Product or service rules.
  • Reporting and complaint tools.
  • Transparency reports.
  • Google’s principles on privacy and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

With the help of the Transparency Center, users can more easily find information about the search engine’s policies, learn how the company creates and enforces them, report violations, and read transparency reports. All in one place.

Transparency Center

Learn about policies

As the online threat landscape evolves, so do our policies to help prevent abuse on our platforms. Because the rules for using Google products vary, the company adapts its policies to each platform in an effort to create a safe and positive experience for everyone.

With the help of the Transparency Center, you can learn about the policy development process, their application, and view each policy by product and service.

“Some of our most important guiding principles are also available for review, including Google’s Artificial Intelligence Principles, first introduced in 2018. By providing you with access to our policies and guidelines, we want to make it easy for users, developers, and creators to understand the terms, conditions, and guidelines,” Google said.

Check out the transparency reports

The company first published transparency reports more than a decade ago, showing how government policies affect access to information and fostering discussions about the free flow of information online. You can visit the Transparency Center to learn more about the background of our transparency reports, get information on how we apply our policies to different products, and where you can view them in full.

Get access to reporting and complaint tools

The Transparency Center has a dedicated page to help you find ways to report harmful content and file complaints through several of our services. Our complaint process is designed to provide due process, efficiency, and transparency for users who challenge our policy decisions.

Commitment to transparency

We hope that by being more transparent about how we handle access to information, moderation on our platforms, and some of our key security practices, you will find it easy to find useful information.


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