Google Bard has received Gemini Pro and image creation

Google Bard has received Gemini Pro and image creation

Google has brought the latest Bard features, including Gemini Pro, to even more languages and locations, including Ukraine. The company has also introduced a new feature – image creation.

Gemini Pro in all available languages

Last December, Google added Gemini Pro to Bard in English, giving Bard more power to understand, reason, summarize, and code. Now, Gemini Pro in Bard is available in more than 40 languages, including Ukrainian, and in more than 230 countries and territories, so that more people can collaborate with the fastest version of Bard.

Recently, Large Model Systems, a leading expert in evaluating language models and chatbots, named Bard with Gemini Pro the most preferred chatbot available for free, noting that it has made a “stunning leap forward.” And in a blind evaluation by third-party users, Bard with Gemini Pro was recognized as one of the best performing chatbots available across multiple languages compared to leading free and paid alternatives.

Checking the answers

People want to be able to verify Bard’s answers, so Google is expanding the verification feature to more than 40 languages, including Ukrainian. When you tap the G icon, Bard will evaluate whether there is content on the web that supports that answer. If it can be assessed, click the highlighted phrases to see the supporting or contradictory information found by Search.

Create images

For an extra creative boost, you can now create images in Bard for free in English in most countries. Bard’s image creation is based on our updated Imagen 2 model, which delivers high-quality, photorealistic results. Simply enter a description – such as “create an image of a dog riding a surfboard” – and Bard will create a personalized variety of visuals to help bring your idea to life.

In line with Google’s artificial intelligence principles, image creation is done responsibly. For example, to ensure a clear distinction between visual elements created with Bard and original human artwork, Bard uses SynthID to embed digital watermarks in the pixels of the created images.

Google notes that the company’s investments in the security of educational data are aimed at limiting violent, offensive, or sexually explicit content. In addition, the developer applies filters to prevent the generation of images of famous people. The company will continue to invest in new technologies to improve security and protect the privacy of our models.

These updates make Bard an even more useful and globally accessible AI partner for everything from large creative projects to smaller, everyday tasks.


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