GlobalLogic supports veterans returning from war

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The Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine surveyed active military personnel and found that 33% of respondents will need help with employment, 27% will need training or retraining, and 38% will need psychological support in the future.

In its turn, GlobalLogic has launched a comprehensive veterans’ support program to meet all these needs.

Veterans are coming back

Today, more than 5,000 IT professionals serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 220 GlobalLogic specialists. From the war, 67 veterans have already returned to work with the company – they are the first to take advantage of the corporate support program.

GlobalLogic does everything possible to ensure that after returning from service, specialists can return to their projects or find new ones. Upon return, veterans can take advantage of a support program. It lasts up to 12 months and provides professional and psychological support, as well as a number of benefits.

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What awaits veterans upon returning to the company

Upon returning from service, GlobalLogic employees receive a Demobilizaton kit aimed at supporting and rehabilitating veterans. Veterans can use it to get professional counseling to improve their physical and mental health.

For veterans who served on the front lines, the company offers a long (up to six months) break in the provision of services, as well as a trip to the Carpathians for rest and recuperation.

For those who want to improve their skills, GlobalLogic offers mentoring support with an individual development plan and access to professional courses.

How the company is adapting to provide comprehensive support to veterans

To ensure that the company’s specialists adapt to the needs of veterans, GlobalLogic conducts internal training for consultants. They learn the best practices of interaction with combatants, learn to understand their experience and psychological needs. This helps to create a comfortable and inclusive environment for veterans.

“After returning from the war, it is important for our specialists to keep in touch with people with similar experiences. For this purpose, we have created an internal space for veterans. We share company news, psychological and professional support contacts there,” says Mariana Gudz, HR Director at GlobalLogic Ukraine. “Unfortunately, we have had losses among our colleagues. We keep their memory alive on the Memorial page and in our hearts.”


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