Get ready to witness a $500 million dinner in space

Get ready to witness a $500 million dinner in space

Space tourism company SpaceVIP is offering a stunningly luxurious space dinner for a cool $500 million. Fasten your seatbelts, because the trip will take place next year. The six lucky passengers of this six-hour space journey will be on a balloon that will rise to a height of 30 kilometers above the Earth. Here they will be treated to a specially designed menu by Michelin-starred chef Rasmus Munk.

Munk promises an extraordinary culinary adventure, drawing inspiration from cutting-edge concepts such as “aerogel cuisine” and “capsule flavor”. This space menu will be designed to complement the out-of-this-world experience, offering a unique blend of food and space travel.

Despite the astronomical price, this space dinner generated a surprisingly high level of interest. Chef Munk himself acknowledged the high demand and expressed his hope to make space dinners more accessible through future tours and possible price adjustments.

The spacecraft for this luxury adventure is an engineering marvel from Space Perspectives. Inspired by NASA concepts, it uses a tethered balloon design that eliminates the need for complex rocket systems. This pressurized capsule provides a comfortable and safe journey for passengers without requiring special training or equipment.

SpaceVIP is not the only player in the growing space restaurant market. Last year, the French company Zephalto announced a similar experience, albeit at a much lower price point of $132,000. Their Space Dinner, scheduled to launch in 2025, offers a more affordable alternative to the sky-high price of SpaceVIP. The future of fine dining seems to be written in the stars, and with companies like SpaceVIP and Zephalto leading the way, space tourism is about to get a whole lot tastier.


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