Fozzy Group improves its work with SAP cloud technologies

Fozzy Group improves its work with SAP cloud technologies

Fozzy Group, one of the largest commercial and industrial groups in Ukraine, has successfully completed the first stage of implementation of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). With the help of SAP BTP, the company’s employees have gained online access to their payslips (including the amount of accrued payments for the month, withheld taxes, etc.) and can now view their monthly payroll at any time.

Process automation

“Fozzy Group continues the digital transformation of a number of business processes, including HR. The company is actively developing and improving its existing systems and functionalities. Previously, Fozzy Group’s ‘Excellers’ received payslips in paper form, and HR spent a lot of time preparing them,” says Oksana Stetsenko, Deputy HR Director at Silpo.

Now, according to her, this process has become automated thanks to SAP BTP technologies. Employees can get all the necessary information independently and quickly in the mobile application or web version.

Fozzy Group chose SAP’s Fiori interface, which provides adaptability to any device, intuitive navigation, and efficient operation of the service. With convenient and fast use, access to confidential information also has a high level of protection, which was appreciated by Fozzy Group’s cybersecurity staff during testing.

TemaBit Fozzy Group
TemaBit Fozzy Group, photo by DOU

Project implementation

The project was implemented by the IT company TemaBit Fozzy Group in just one month.

“Although these technologies are new to us, their implementation took little time and resources. We used standard objects from SAP and created the necessary architecture, spending little money, while breaking the stereotype that SAP is expensive. With the highest level of security, employees received a perfect experience of using the service. This is the advantage of the BTP service,” says Yuriy Eroshkin, leader of the SAP Development Competence Center at TemaBit.

TemaBit, a part of Fozzy Group, creates original end-to-end solutions today. The team specializes in web and mobile development, as well as software for business process management and infrastructure projects. About 80% of Fozzy Group’s software is developed by TemaBit.

It has its own R&D center, Laboratory 3I, where it experiments with new technologies. Ideas using artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and robots are born here.


The SAP BTP implementation partner was Eigenmethod, which provides a high level of expertise in SAP consulting and has the status of a Gold SAP partner in Ukraine. Eigenmethod has extensive industry experience working with market leaders. The company has received two SAP BTP specializations from the SAP vendor: Analytics and Planning and Application Development and Integration, which confirms the recognition of the team’s competence by both the SAP vendor and customers.

“SAP BTP makes it possible to quickly and relatively easily automate processes that are not part of the core SAP functionality but are closely related to it. A wide range of SAP BTP services allows you to solve any task. Some services have a narrow specialization and low cost or are provided by SAP free of charge, which was used when implementing the payroll at Fozzy Group,” says Ksenia Bondarchuk, CEO of Eigenmethod.

Moving to the cloud

“Implementation of SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) at Fozzy Group is an important step for the organization’s transition to the cloud,” adds Anna Mikulytska, Managing Director of SAP Ukraine.

According to her, the platform combines data and analytics, artificial intelligence, application development, automation, and integration in a single environment, and enables businesses to move to a new level of efficiency and competitiveness.

Therefore, using SAP BTP, any company has a powerful toolkit to achieve its business goals.


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