LED flashlights have long been no longer a luxury, but an urgent everyday thing, especially during long blackouts.

Fenix LED flashlights are the best-selling products among professionals and those for whom portable lighting devices are an essential item. Lanterns and flashlights are an integral part of the equipment of rescuers, security guards, special services, as well as tourists, hunters and fishermen. After all, the activities of these people require a high-quality level of illumination in all situations and conditions, even extreme ones.

A high-powered flashlight from Fenix is not just a real “spotlight in your pocket”, it is a status, prestigious thing that not everyone can afford. Fenix flashlights are characterized by high reliability, unpretentiousness and durability, which has been confirmed by numerous tests and trials.

Today’s review is of the Fenix PD35 version 3.0 tactical flashlight, a very necessary item in our harsh times.

The Fenix PD35 V3.0 is designed for tactical applications. It belongs to a new generation of high-performance flashlights. The maximum light brightness reaches 1700 lumens, and the beam range is 357 meters. The flashlight is powered by a Luminus SFT40 diode with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Power is provided by the 18650 lithium-ion battery included in the kit. Two CR123A lithium batteries can also be used.

The flashlight has a digitally controlled circuit to ensure stable lighting. There is a function to indicate the charge level of the flashlight and a low voltage warning. The model is instantly activated by a tactical button located at the rear of the body. Different operating modes can be selected using the function button. The high quality of light is guaranteed by a hardened, ultra-transparent lens with anti-reflective coating.

The package and accessories

The flashlight comes in a cardboard box of high quality printing, which immediately emphasizes the premium nature of the product inside. The manufacturer did not skimp on the flashlight itself, which comes with a body made of A6061-T6 aircraft aluminum of the third degree of anodizing and maximum rigidity, with a removable titanium clip for carrying.

It’s worth noting that A6061-T6 aluminum is stronger than many steel grades, but much lighter. The surface of the case has a high-quality anodized coating to avoid scratches. The model is well protected from damage and is also waterproof.




And this is a branded case for wearing on the belt.








With the help of a wrist strap, the flashlight can be worn on the wrist.

There’s also a microUSB connection cable for charging the battery and two backup o-rings to maintain dust/water resistance according to the I68 standard (immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters and up to 0.5 hours is allowed).

And there is a short manual in several foreign languages, a warranty card and an advertising sticker with images of other Fenix products.

Dimensions and weight

The flashlight fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to work with. Its dimensions: 134×25.4×22.8 mm.

For some reason, the weight of the product is indicated by the manufacturer without a battery (83 g), while during weighing with a battery, the weight was recorded at 134 g.

Power supply and battery life

The flashlight is equipped with an 18650 lithium-ion battery (surprisingly, the battery was completely discharged, but it is nevertheless strongly recommended to remove the safety insert before use. There’s even a special label attached to the device mentioning this advice). Two CR123A lithium batteries can also be used for power supply.

It comes with a 2600 mAh battery with a microUSB port, which is a bit of a surprise. I think that in the near future there will be a transition to USB-C.

It should be noted that the battery level indicator only works with the Fenix ARB-L18 series (included).

When the battery voltage reaches a critical value, the flashlight brightness automatically decreases to Eco mode, while in which the battery level indicator blinks three times every 10 minutes, reminding you to recharge or replace the battery. There is also a low voltage notification option. When the voltage drops below a certain level, the brightness decreases, indicating that it needs to be recharged.

While some more expensive models of tactical flashlights from Fenix have a double spring in the battery compartment for better resistance to drops and impacts, the PD35 V3.0 has a single spring in the tail section, but the product perfectly withstands drop tests from a height of 1.5 meters.

It’s worth mentioning that the Fenix ARB-L18-2600U battery has triple protection (against overheating, overcharge/discharge, and short circuit).

At the top of the battery is a charge status LED indicator that lights up red while charging and blue when charging is complete.


Fenix PD35 V3.0 is controlled by the rear button (tactical) and the one on the side of the body (functional). To turn the light on/off, hold down the tactical button (on the back), and release it to turn the light off. If you fully press the tactical button, the light turns on for a long time, pressing it again will help turn off the device.

To select a mode: when the flashlight is on, press the function button (side) once, this will allow you to move between Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo modes. To start the Strob mode, press and hold the function button for half a second with the light on. To return to the previous mode, press the button again.

The flashlight has a mode memory option. This means that when you turn it on again, the mode that was used before it was turned off will be activated immediately. However, this function does not apply to the Strob mode.

Operating modes

  • Turbo mode. The luminous flux reaches 1700 lumens. The glow duration is 1 hour and 25 minutes. The beam range is 357 meters. The intensity of the luminous flux is 31,900 candela.
  • High mode. The brightness of the light is 600 lumens, the duration of the glow is 2 hours and 35 minutes. The beam distance reaches 216 meters. The luminous flux intensity is 11700 candela.
  • Med mode. The luminous flux is 150 lumens, the glow duration is eight and a half hours. The beam distance is 109 meters. Light intensity – 3000 candela.
  • Low mode. The luminous flux reaches 50 lumens, the operating time is 26 hours and 25 minutes, and the range is 63 meters. The light intensity is 1000 candela.
  • Eco mode. The luminous flux is 5 lumens. The glow duration is 230 hours. Beam range – 20 meters. Light intensity – 100 candela.
  • Strobe mode. Brightness reaches 1700 lumens.

The flashlight is well protected from overheating. During operation, it accumulates a lot of thermal energy, which is an obstacle to its normal functioning. Therefore, when the temperature reaches 60 degrees, the brightness of the light decreases automatically. When the temperature drops below 60 degrees, you can return to the highest mode again.

Due to the fact that the battery was completely discharged out of the box, I started testing by fully charging it. Charging cannot be called fast, the full cycle slightly exceeded 4 hours.

Then, having inserted the battery in the correct polarity, I experienced a few unpleasant minutes of its complete lifelessness. At first I thought it was just a simple defect, but when I fully screwed the cap in, the flashlight started to shine. So take a life hack from me: you need to screw it all the way in, both from the front and the back.

The PD35 v3 is launched by a (tactical) button, which is located at the end and protrudes slightly, thus preventing the flashlight from being mounted “on the butt”, which, in my humble opinion, is a certain drawback. If the designers had recessed this button at least a little bit, it would have been much better.

When you press the function button located on the “body” of the flashlight (I would recommend installing a clip directly under this button, which allows you to feel it in the dark), the charging indicator is activated, showing the degree of battery charge.

The indicator on the side function button shows the battery status. If the light is green, the battery is sufficiently charged (85-100%). Green flashes mean that 50-85% of the charge remains. If the light is red, it means that 25 to 50% of the charge remains. Flashing red indicates that the flashlight needs to be recharged urgently, as the charge level is less than 25%.

A very valuable feature, in my opinion. The same button is used to switch 5 modes in the following order – Eco-Low-Med-High-Turbo. A long press on this button launches the sixth mode – the strobe mode in Turbo format. The last selected mode is stored in the memory.

The Turbo mode should be handled with caution, as indicated by a special mark.

The mega-powerful Luminus SFT40 LED (with a lifespan of 50,000 hours) emits not only super-bright light (cool white) when switching to Turbo, but also heats up quite a bit (up to +60*C!). To avoid burns, you should always keep this in mind. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to direct a beam of light in Turbo format into the eyes, as this action can lead to serious temporary blindness. However, this does not apply to the moments when you are attacked in a dark alley with a demand to immediately give you a smoke or, in the worst case, to share your iPhone irrevocably.

In this case, it is permissible to use a flashlight as a means of deterrence, provided that you immediately and quickly remove yourself from the scene. The attacker(s) will have enough time to realize the ugliness of their behavior during the temporary blindness, and the flashlight thus fulfills the noble mission of saving its owner from preventable trouble.

After reaching a temperature of 60+*C, the brightness is automatically reduced to avoid overheating and burning the LED.

Warning: the flashlight is a source of high intensity light. Therefore, avoid direct contact with the light in the eyes. During prolonged operation, the model generates a lot of heat energy, be careful to avoid burns. Do not shine the light on an object in the vicinity of high power to avoid accidentally setting it on fire. The diode cannot be replaced, so you need to buy a new flashlight after its service life expires.

I didn’t have a chance to measure the beam reaching 357 meters, so I have to trust the manufacturer, but in Turbo mode, the small flashlight hits the beam impressively and completely replaces a large spotlight that fits comfortably in your pocket.

Official warranty

By purchasing a flashlight officially, the buyer receives a five-year warranty and confidence in the future. It should be noted that the popularity of Phoenix flashlights has led to countless clones using low-quality LEDs and other components. So you need to be vigilant and not chase an attractive price (a branded item cannot be cheap!).

Each lantern has its own unique code placed on the “body” of the product and on the box, which makes it possible to trace its pedigree and confirm the originality of the breed. In this case, no sales receipt is required at all. The manufacturer guarantees a quick repair or replacement of the product.

Additional features

This flashlight is ergonomically convenient in terms of switching operating modes. It can be mounted on a bicycle or scooter (with an optional mount). There are also a number of optional accessories available to make life easier for its owner.

As I have already mentioned, the flashlight can be used in extremely extreme situations, scaring away not only criminal elements but also stray dogs, for example. In severe frosts, you can even warm your frozen fingers.

In addition, the third version has a reinforced edge on the head part, which allows you to successfully break glass in a critical situation, for example.

So this is a good, solid flashlight with useful innovations. Unfortunately, there is no adjustment/focusing of the light beam, which would be nice to have.

Expert opinion

The Fenix PD35 V3.0 is designed for tactical tasks. It belongs to a new generation of high-performance flashlights. The maximum luminous intensity reaches 1700 lumens and the beam range is 357 meters. The flashlight is powered by a powerful Luminus SFT40 LED. The flashlight has a digitally controlled circuit to ensure stable lighting.

There is a function to indicate the charge level of the flashlight and a low voltage warning. The model is instantly switched on thanks to the tactical button located in the rear part of the body. Different operating modes can be selected using the side button.

More advantages of the flashlight:

  • High quality light is guaranteed by a hardened, ultra-transparent lens with an anti-reflective coating;
  • Fenix PD35 V3.0 is powered by an 18650 battery;
  • there is an option of low voltage notification;
  • protected from overheating of the body;
  • controlled by two buttons;
  • battery level indication;
  • six operating modes;
  • dust and moisture protection standard – IP68;
  • shock resistance: 1.5 m; dimensions: 134×25.4×22.8 millimeters;
  • weight: 83.5 grams (excluding battery).

The Fenix PD35 v3.0 tactical flashlight is designed for comprehensive use by both professionals and amateurs who value quality, reliability, ease of use and functionality.

The scope of application of this model is almost unlimited. Fenix PD35 v3.0 has a number of undeniable advantages and a well thought-out design. It is made of high-quality materials designed for long-term use, has a long-term manufacturer’s warranty and provides adequate lighting regardless of weather conditions.

However, the price is a bit steep, but this is the price to pay for reliability and brand.

Recommended for purchase.

The Fenix PD35 v3 characteristics

The back of the package contains all the characteristics of the flashlight.5 V3.0






A stroboscope


1700 lumens

600 lumens

150 lumens

50 lumens

5 lumens

1700 lumens

Work time

1 hour 25 minutes

2 hours 35 minutes

8 hours 30 minutes

26 hours and 25 minutes

230 hours



357 m

216 m

109 m

63 m

20 m


Impact resistance

1.5 m


IP68, immersion in water up to 2 meters


134 mm (length) x 22.8 mm (body diameter) x 25.4 mm (head diameter)


83.5 g (without batteries)

Complete set

Fenix ​​PD35 V3.0 flashlight, ARB-18-2600U lithium-ion battery, wrist strap, cloth case, Micro-USB cable, sealing ring, manual, warranty card.

Power elements

18650 format battery

Type of reflector


Body material

Aviation aluminum

Type of optical system


Body coating

III degree premium coverage




Side button, back button

Switching modes

Button in the main part


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