Features and benefits of charging stations

Features and benefits of charging stations

Portable power plants became a real salvation for Ukrainians last year and remain relevant today. They are much more powerful than powerbanks, which can charge just a couple of gadgets, while their dimensions are noticeably smaller than those of generators. The peculiarity of the design allows you to use charging stations for home both indoors and outdoors, which makes them truly universal devices. About their advantages and areas of operation, we will now tell you.

The principle of operation of a portable power station

In its essence, the home charging station resembles a powerbank. At the same time, it is several times more powerful and allows you to charge not only gadgets, but also various household appliances. Among the features of the device it is necessary to note the following:

  • is equipped with a powerful battery;
  • is charged from an ordinary outlet through a standard cable;
    there are also compact modifications that can be charged from the cigarette lighter in the car;
  • charging time depends on the battery capacity, but on average it takes about 1.5 hours
  • from a power outlet and 6 hours from the cigarette lighter.

Many station models can also connect to solar panels, making them truly versatile.

Benefits of charging stations

Benefits of charging stations

These units have a huge number of advantages over both powerbanks and generators:

  • they are much more powerful than powerbanks and are equipped with more ports and outlets, which will allow you to charge up to 10 devices simultaneously;
  • the stations themselves can be charged from different power sources;
  • they do not make noise during operation and do not emit combustion products into the atmosphere, which compares favorably with fuel generators;
  • are charged in a short period of time;
  • are much more economical than generators that need to be refueled with fuel;
    they can charge gadgets while they are charging themselves;
  • are available in compact sizes, so the devices can easily be taken with you to the countryside or on a business trip.

Also worth noting is the ease of use of portable power stations. Most of them are equipped with a display that shows various indicators, including the level of charge. A wide selection of such devices you will find in the online store ONE-CLICK, where you can order a charging station with delivery to any region of Ukraine.


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