eTOLLs EU allows you to plan travel on EU roads

eTOLLs EU allows you to plan travel on EU roads

A new version of eTOLLs EU has been released by Ukrainians who create solutions for the digitalization of roads in Europe. Traffic rules and tips for EU countries, route planning, push notifications about the need to buy vignettes when approaching toll plazas.

The driver also sees the trip in the calendar: weather, photo locations, cultural attractions, and explanations of signs in a language the user understands, etc.

As part of the Plug&Play acceleration program for startups in the EU, Startup Lithuania Accelerator, the Shtrafy UA team for drivers and businesses announced the release of a new version of the eTOLLs EU application.

New features of eTOLLs EU

The eTOLLs EU update provides the experience of a personal manager who carefully prepares the driver for the trip. The app provides unique services for planning a route and purchasing the necessary vignettes. The traveler can calculate the route taking into account the need for road tolls: vignettes, toll road sections, bridges, tunnels, etc. and buy everything they need with just one click. For those road tolls that are not available in the app, the driver receives comprehensive information about the conditions and places where they can be paid.

After the purchase is made, the trip appears on the driver’s calendar, with the selected route, tips and advice on how to get around. These include traffic rules, explanations of signs, weather forecasts, and in the future, recommendations on what to take with you based on road conditions. In addition, useful background information on traffic regulations in each country through which the user is traveling is available.


A new user notification feature has been launched: if a user enters a toll road, he or she receives a push notification that he or she needs to pay.

This is the biggest headache for drivers. The system of issuing vignettes in each EU country is not unified. Therefore, every time drivers travel, they are anxiously waiting for “souvenirs” from the countries – fines that can range from $200 to $4,000. This, of course, significantly affects the travel experience and carries additional legal and financial burdens.

The service is currently used by drivers from 56 countries. The new version is already available on Google Play and App Store in five languages, with more to come. In addition, we plan to launch safe driving and insurance features. All new features are provided to users free of charge.


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