Elon Musk helped Russia get samples of marine drones

Elon Musk helped Russia get samples of marine drones

Elon Musk provided the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Starlink communications, but he not only disrupted the first operation to attack Sevastopol, but also helped the Russians get information about the first samples of naval drones.

This was stated by Yevhen Dykyi, a veteran of the Ukrainian-Russian war and director of the National Research Center, on the Espresso TV channel.

“It was Elon Musk who foiled the first attempt to attack the Russian Black Sea Fleet with surface drones. And because he did not warn, the drones failed, and they were simply thrown ashore by the waves. And the first modification of the marine drones got to the Russians intact. And they found out that there was a new danger, and they immediately started working to minimize it,” said Dykyi.

In other words, Musk helped the Russians in a very specific way by giving them brand new samples of this weapon. This happened precisely because he turned off Starlink. And his explanation that he did it because of the sanctions imposed on Russia back in 2014 to prevent telecommunications from working in Crimea smacks of arrogance.

According to the expert, it has long been clear that at the beginning of the war, Musk did exactly what the US government instructed him to do. And when he intervenes himself, he does so on the side of Ukraine.

“It seems to me that Elon took off his mask a long time ago, and it’s absolutely clear that this man is not on our side. He clearly spoke in favor of the so-called Korean option, that is, freezing the conflict along the existing front line. In fact, he called on us to give up our territories in exchange for a truce,” said Yevhen Dykyi.

Elon Musk

He believes that contrary to his image, Musk is not a market businessman. As for telecommunications and space exploration, Elon’s main client, whose money he uses to develop, is the US government. His main contractors are NASA and the Pentagon. And it was they who set Musk the task of providing Ukrainians with communication. He could not refuse them and fulfilled this task. But wherever he can, he is making mistakes himself.

And today the US Senate is beginning to analyze Musk’s activities. Of course, there are not many legal claims against him. After all, the United States did not declare war on Russia, and he has no right to participate in military strikes.

“But the Senate is raising questions in the political plane: “Who generally determines the US foreign policy – the government or billionaire contractors?” And it seems that Elon has just crossed this line and decided that if he is a multi-billion dollar contractor for the US government, he can continue to decide instead of the government what is and is not allowed to allies – Ukrainians,” Dykyi said.

In his opinion, this is a lesson for the United States, and they should understand what should be outsourced and what the state should control directly. A number of critical functions should be controlled by the state itself, so that an Elon like this does not at some point take over and break the state policy in a particular area with his personal decision.


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