Electronic databases: what can you find about a person?

Electronic databases: what can you find about a person?
  • How to find an old friend’s phone number or address, where to look for it?
  • If you haven’t talked to your friend for a long time and want to find out about his or her affairs, how can you do it?

Scanbe.io can help you with this – it’s a service that searches for people in government databases. The search is truly unique because it requires only a first and last name, and you can also select the person’s region of residence.

This is a very useful feature because you rarely know or remember the patronymic of a classmate, fellow student, or acquaintance, and searching by region allows you to narrow down your search.

Now that we’ve figured out where to look for information about a person, let’s see how to search and what we can find.

Search for phone number and address

The easiest way to find a person’s contact phone number is to check if they are a sole proprietor, or an individual entrepreneur. In Ukraine, the sole proprietorship is a fairly common form of entrepreneurship and even employment. The entrepreneur’s data includes his or her phone number, email address, and registration address.

Another way to find a person’s address and phone number is to check the register of legal entities: the company’s data contains the phone number and address of the company, and the information about the owners of organizations contains the registration address of its founder, sometimes even the phone number.

Thus, if you want to find a person’s phone number and address, check their sole proprietorship and company.

Real estate register

Apartments, houses, land plots, office space, parking spaces, and even arrests – all this property can be found in the Real Estate Register.

The database of real rights provides information about when the property was purchased, the description of the property (area, number of rooms, etc.) and the address.

If you are wondering who managed to buy a brand new apartment, the Real Estate Register will provide such information.

Court cases

During the time you have not talked, a person you know may have:

  1. Receive an inheritance.
  2. Get married and divorced.
  3. Start a business and go bankrupt.
  4. Get into an accident or become its culprit.
  5. Become involved in a criminal case, etc.

All this data is stored in court registers and is publicly available. The court case database contains information about the parties to the dispute, the date of the hearing, and court decisions that can be reviewed.

If you find court cases during a search, it is a must to view them, as the information will be useful.

Unified register of debtors

This register includes data on debts, such as alimony, loans, unpaid utility bills, traffic fines, etc.

Checking the register of debtors will allow you to find out about a person’s financial situation.

By the way, have you checked yourself in the register of debtors, you are not there, right?


Scanbe.io has 25+ state registries where you can search for information about a person.

In addition to the registers mentioned above, users can also access the register of declarations of civil servants, the list of missing persons, wanted persons, etc.

So, if you are looking for information about a person or may have lost contact with someone and want to restore it, Scanbe.io is a convenient service that will find everything about the person.


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