Diia.City residents unite for digital development

Diia.City residents unite for digital development

Diia.City residents have created an association that will represent their interests in interacting with government agencies. The main goal is to popularize the space in Ukraine and the world and develop the digital economy.

It includes 16 companies. Among them are Reface, Monobank, Ajax System, MacPaw, Roosh, Mate academy, NP Digital, Genesis, and others.

The Diia.City residents’ association will work on:

  • popularizing the Diia.City space, maintaining its stable and transparent operation;
  • protecting the interests of IT companies from the Association;
  • representing Ukraine as a powerful technological power in the international arena;
  • development of IT education in Ukraine, etc.

“Step by step, we are building a digital state!” the Ministry of Digital Transformation notes.

But, we don’t understand, why residents are uniting again, because they are already united in Diia.City, which is supposed to defend their interests before government agencies, since it was initiated by the state.


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