Competition in the global Software Development market

Competition in the global Software Development market

The war in Ukraine has greatly changed the situation on the IT market. While Ukrainian companies could not recover from such a blow, developers from other countries had a chance to push their competitors. Oleksandr Kholin, CEO of MLP Co. told about the details and the current state of competitiveness of Ukrainian developers in his interview for EASE.

Although Ukraine has always been at the top of the hiring list in America and Europe because it has many talented and strong specialists, after the full-scale invasion, most customers avoid hiring vendors from Ukraine. They are afraid that a developer or team may disappear from a project due to the country’s difficult situation. However, Ukrainians have managed to adapt to these conditions and continue to show active progress, clearly demonstrating that they cannot be broken.

The crisis is due to the fact that many customers have now turned their attention to the markets of India and South America, which have much lower prices and can be characterized as satisfactory. Despite the professionalism of Ukrainian specialists, many customers are still not ready to take risks. However, there are still enough customers who support Ukraine and continue to cooperate. This helps to prove that the war does not prevent Ukrainians from providing high quality services.

Oleksandr also shared his company’s case study. MLP Co. has been on the market for more than three years, most of the projects are white-label partnerships, but the company also cooperates with the docStribute project based in the UK. This is a tool that revolutionizes document flow management. docStribute is used by large companies, such as and

According to Oleksandr, the advantage over competitors in the international market is provided by a serious attitude to the project. The team looks at the work from the client’s point of view to understand all the pains and needs and create a product that will bring benefits and satisfaction. It is professionalism and responsibility that allow the company to compete and expand into the markets of the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

Thus, Ukrainian IT companies remain afloat even in the midst of war thanks to their unchanged advantages: quality, professionalism, responsible attitude to work and interaction with clients. These qualities will help any company to resist international competitors.


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