ColorWay CW-CHE44W is an interesting example of a modern surge protector that combines four sockets with a total load of up to 2.5 kW and four USB ports with support for technologies that provide the optimal level of charging depending on the connected gadget. This is the “business card”. Well, here are the details.

The package

But let’s take everything in turn. The user will receive the product in a rather small cardboard box with a bright design. The latter is a combination of a considerable amount of technical data on the walls and the brand’s corporate colors. There is a detailed illustration of the product on one of the walls, including the plug. In short, you can study the design of the model quite well without even taking it out of the box.

I also advise you to pay attention to the information on the walls, because they contain absolutely all the data on the features and capabilities of the model. This is what we will do next. Don’t switch to anything else.

Information from the box walls

The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty for ColorWay CW-CHE44W and this is the first argument FOR! The corresponding note is on the front wall. There is also information about the cable material and its length, the heat resistance of the case, the number of USB ports and the total current strength, which, let’s say, is provided and other equally interesting “things”, including the above-mentioned illustration of the product.

On the back panel we have access to a rather detailed list of technical specifications, as well as the product passport, both in several languages, because the brand expects to sell this model not only in Ukraine but also in several Western European markets.

The side panel on the right contains the characteristics of sockets and ports, cable length, filter dimensions, and other interesting things.

For more information on the characteristics of the plastic used here, contact materials, etc., see the left sidebar.

The scope of delivery

Having familiarized yourself with the box and the technical information on the walls, it’s time to start studying the package contents:

  • ColorWay CW-CHE44W surge protector;
  • user manual in the format of extended help in two languages.

As for the document certifying your warranty rights, it is not in the box. An alternative is a receipt that you will receive when paying for the product in the store. The warranty, let me remind you, is 3 years.

Technical specifications of ColorWay CW-CHE44W

  • Cable length – 2 m;
  • Rated current – 10A;
  • Rated voltage – 250V;
  • Dimensions – 290x52x43 mm;
  • 4xUSB ports with a guaranteed load of up to 3.4A;
  • USB Auto ID is an intelligent chip that automatically detects the type of connected USB device, which ensures high compatibility of smart charging with devices of any brand;
  • Super Charge technology – determines the best charging current for the connected device from 0.1 to 2.4A;
  • Four Euro sockets with grounding and surge protection;
  • Bronze contacts.

Case materials

The ColorWay CW-CHE44W case is a combination of matte and glossy plastic in white and gray shades. It is easy to notice – at the top and bottom – the matte type of plastic, while the gray edging around the perimeter is already gloss. In addition, there is a bit of gloss right next to the socket entrances. The latter, in my opinion, is a rather interesting “detail” – it looks good and has a functional “weight”.

In addition to plastic, there is also some metal on board – contacts, reinforcement and edging of USB ports, and a switch under the button. By the way, the latter is made of silver, which is another interesting example of the manufacturer’s preference for really high-quality materials. However, the matter is not limited to silver. The socket contacts are bronze. As for the material of the cable itself, copper was used here. In general, we have a very interesting example of the use of premium materials in the case of such a product as a surge protector.

The copper cable braid is a polymer.

And something else worth noting is the rubber nozzles on the bottom. In practice, they are a good “mediator” of adhesion between the filter and the panel on which the latter is placed at any given time.

Impressions on the build quality

The first thing worth noting is that the case format is not collapsible at the user level. As for me, this is more of a plus than a minus for the user, because the 3-year warranty on the product “covers” all possible shortcomings of the production plan. Everything will be fixed for free and professionally. Of course, if there is a need and if you are not to blame for the appearance of possible, let’s say, defects.

The second is the build quality itself. Everything here is excellent without discounts and other conventions – really professional fitting of parts, excellent materials, in short, there is nothing to complain about in this regard.

The third is the use of heat-resistant plastic in the case. The latter can withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees.

The load on the only button here is up to 10,000 shutdowns without wear, and this is far from one year of high-quality operation of the mechanism.

The reinforcement of the USB ports with a monolithic metal nozzle is also important, and it also shows the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

The format of the cable realization is perfectly executed – all the necessary details are taken into account, so the user can easily check the box “Made with high quality”!

To the question of ergonomics

As for ergonomics, everything is “on the surface”. The upper part of the case has four euro sockets with grounding and protection against curious children. There are also the already mentioned USB ports and the power switch with silver contacts.

There are no hinges for wall mounting on the bottom panel or any other part of the case – it is not provided for by the design. I don’t see this as a particular problem, because ColorWay CW-CHE44W, as my practice has proven, is very convenient to place on the user’s desk.

Impressions of operation

Here I will start with the ports. Why are they interesting? First of all, the number of ports – enough for your smartphone, smartwatch, TWS headphones, plus, say, a small power bank.

The current of 3.4 A is enough to comfortably charge all these gadgets at the same time. The onboard Super Charge technology determines the best charging current for each connected device – from 0.1 to 2.4A. This way, you can be sure that none of the connected devices will burn out, figuratively speaking, and I had enough time to make sure of that. “The above-mentioned technology is complemented by another one – USB Auto ID. In practice, it is an intelligent chip that automatically detects the type of connected USB device and ensures high compatibility of smart charging with it.

What else is there to understand? When recharging capacious power banks from the USB port of the filter, the latter’s body may noticeably heat up. There is no need to see a catastrophe here – this is a normal reaction of the system to charging powerful consumers with the appropriate current.

As for the sockets. They are made of high quality, the necessary protection against curious children is provided, and there is also a grounding. The maximum load, let me remind you, is 2.5 kW, which is enough to connect both your PC system unit and all the additional devices necessary for operation.

Expert opinion

In the end, we have a good example of an advanced surge protector for recharging/powering a large number of different devices. On the basis of this model, the user can create a work corner by connecting a PC, printer and other devices necessary for work, and in addition, put a considerable number of various mobile equipment on SAFE recharging.

ColorWay CW-CHE44W costs 659 UAH – $18.


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