China launches an experimental communications satellite, the 9th launch this year

China launches an experimental communications satellite, the 9th launch this year

On February 23, 2024, China marked another achievement in space exploration by launching an experimental communications satellite. The event underscores China’s ongoing efforts to push the boundaries of what is possible beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Satellite will test methods of high-speed communication from space

The launch was carried out by a Long March-5 Y7 rocket, which took off from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan. The star of the mission, the Communication Technology Demonstrator 11 satellite, was sent into orbit with a clear task: to test new ways of high-speed communication in several bands from space.

This was not just any launch. It was China’s ninth launch this year, reflecting the country’s busy schedule of space activities. The mission also added another successful chapter to the history of the Long March rocket family, which now has 509 flights.

The developers of the rocket, the China Launch Vehicle Academy, and the satellite, the China Academy of Space Technology, are looking to the future. They are exploring how to improve the connection between us down here and the vast expanse of space.

In addition to this launch, China’s space program is ambitious. Plans include sending the Chang’e-6 probe to the back of the moon to collect and return samples to Earth, demonstrating a strong interest in unlocking the secrets of the moon.

Each Long March 5 rocket, fueled by more than 750 metric tons of propellant, is a testament to China’s technological capabilities in space. It’s not just about getting higher and further, but also about practical applications, such as better communications technology that can change the way we connect around the world.


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