Brave1 attracted 1671 military developments in a yea

Brave1 attracted 1671 military developments in a yea

With the start of the full-scale invasion, it became clear that new technological developments were needed on the battlefield. To ensure the rapid and effective development of the defense-tech market, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, together with the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, the Ministry of Strategic Industry, the Ministry of Economy, and the National Security and Defense Council, launched the Brave1 cluster a year ago.

Now Brave1 is a whole defense-tech ecosystem with more than 900 innovators who have created more than 1,600 developments. This is what Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov says:

“Brave1 has become a single point of entry for all defense-tech stakeholders.”


Achievements of Brave1

Today, the cluster operates in 12 top areas, including UAVs, reconnaissance equipment, ground robotic systems, electronic warfare systems, navigation systems, demining, military medicine, etc.

“Among the most recent items, we sent 2,000 short-range electronic warfare devices from Ukrainian developers, members of the Brave1 cluster, and ShaBlya robotic platforms to the front,” says Fedorov.

The cluster is currently focusing on the development of ground robotic systems, electronic warfare, artificial intelligence in defense technologies, and UAVs.

“Each technology is an important product that changes the approach to warfare and our asymmetric response to the enemy’s numerical superiority,” the official adds.

Brave 1 за рік залучила 1671 військових розробок

Search for new solutions

The cluster has launched campaigns to find technological solutions and developers in the following areas:

  • countering and defeating FPV and commercial drones
  • development of a UAV capable of intercepting enemy reconnaissance drones such as ZALA, Orlan, SuperCam and others.

These are the solutions that the Ukrainian military urgently needs and on which Ukraine’s success in repelling Russian armed aggression depends. Brave1 focuses on responding quickly to the military’s requests and providing them with the solutions they need in the shortest possible time.

“In a modern military conflict, technological superiority plays a key role. The use of advanced technologies is crucial for the safety and effectiveness of our military. Robotic ground systems are of great importance. Currently, more than fifty modern novelties have already been tested at the training grounds. We expect to see proposals for drone countermeasures, electronic warfare, and the development of mine clearance systems. This area of research can provide an advantage over the enemy and allow us to build a strong and high-tech army of Ukraine,” said Rustem Umerov, Minister of Defense.

Partnership for the development of Ukrainian defense tech

Brave1 has also established cooperation between Ukrainian manufacturers and foreign and domestic investors interested in investing in Ukrainian defense tech. The cluster currently works with more than 60 investment partners who have invested or are interested in Ukrainian developments.

“The potential of defense tech makes it possible to become one of the drivers of the country’s economic growth. Today, we have the ability to develop military products, manufacture them and immediately test them in combat conditions. Modern Ukrainian developments have already attracted the world’s attention for their effectiveness,” says Yulia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Economy.

According to her, after our victory, Ukrainian weapons and technologies can become a significant item of Ukrainian exports. The Ministry of Economy is working to expand localization of production, particularly in the defense industry, and attract investment, and is helping to increase the capacity of our enterprises.

During the first year of its operation, the Brave1 team has developed cooperation with specialized associations of defense technology producers from the United States, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. Brave1 is open to cooperation with all international companies, foundations, and government institutions that seek to develop Ukrainian defense tech.

Plans for 2024

This year, the Brave1 cluster will continue to focus on the following priority areas of technological development:

  • ground robotic systems
  • electronic warfare and intelligence
  • artificial intelligence technologies
  • unmanned aerial vehicles

These are the solutions that save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, both by protecting them from drone attacks and by enabling defenders to remotely engage the enemy from a safe location.

The cluster also plans to increase the number and volume of grants issued to developers of defense-tech solutions. For this purpose, UAH 1.5 billion has already been allocated in the state budget of Ukraine for 2024. The amount of grants will be increased to UAH 500 thousand, UAH 1, 2, 4 and 8 million. These funds will be allocated for the development of technological solutions.


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