ASUS presents an AI-powered medical computer – MDS-M700

ASUS presents an AI-powered medical computer - MDS-M700

ASUS, which is usually in the news for its laptops, gaming smartphones, or displays, has just introduced a new powerful medical computer, the MDS-M700, designed specifically for the healthcare industry. This is the MDS-M700. This new machine seems to have different priorities – accuracy, productivity, and patient safety. The MDS-M700 boasts support for 4K UHD imaging, providing clearer and more detailed visualization of human tissue, blood vessels, and body structures. This allows for clearer diagnoses and more informed treatment plans.

Hospitals can be noisy places, but the MDS-M700 operates at a quiet level of 45dB, creating a less distracting environment for healthcare professionals during critical procedures. This feature may not be a big deal at the consumer level, but it’s a different story when used in a medical setting. Designed for sterile environments, the MDS-M700 has a compact design with an integrated lid that makes it easy to clean and maintain in operating rooms and other sterile environments. Additionally, its alcohol resistance is a very useful feature considering that sterility is of paramount importance in hospitals.

The MDS-M700 meets stringent industry standards for medical safety, including CE, FCC, and IEC 60601-1-2 certification. The latter standard ensures that the computer operates flawlessly in electromagnetic environments, such as in the presence of MRI and other scanning machines, minimizing the risk of interference with other equipment or potential harm to patients.

Under the hood, the MDS-M700 has a powerful package. It is powered by a 13th generation Intel Core processor and offers the option of an Nvidia RTX A5000/A4000 graphics card. It also features three Ethernet interfaces for versatile data transfer. In addition, it supports optional 4K UHD capture cards.

The ASUS MDS-M700 medical computer is scheduled for release in April 2024 and will be presented at the upcoming global medical conference HIMSS24. We don’t see many companies like this launching niche products, especially for the medical industry, so this is certainly refreshing news.


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