Apple’s roadmap to 2027 has leaked online

Apple's roadmap to 2027 has leaked online

Recently, a roadmap leak has appeared online, allegedly describing Apple‘s product plans through 2027. Although the leak is not confirmed, it contains a lot of interesting information.

All iPhone 16 models are rumored to receive a memory upgrade to 8GB, which is in line with the current iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. This move will ensure consistency across the iPhone 16 lineup. The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max may also get a 5x optical zoom periscope camera, similar to those offered by some high-end competitors. The screen size for the Pro models is also expected to increase: the iPhone 16 Pro may increase from 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches, and the iPhone 16 Pro Max may increase from 6.7 inches to 6.9 inches.

Rumored to be the star of 2025 is the iPhone SE 4. This budget variant may feature a larger 6.1-inch display and a powerful 48-megapixel camera, offering significant improvements over previous SE models.

The iPhone 17 Pro may go all-in on the megapixels, with a triple 48-megapixel rear camera and a matching 48-megapixel front camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for sharper photos and videos in all lighting conditions. The phone may also feature a “Pol-less” display, resulting in a slimmer design and potentially improved screen brightness.

2026 marks the potential arrival of the long-awaited foldable iPhone. The device boasts a 6-inch outer screen for normal use and a large 8-inch inner screen when unfolded, which will provide a greater immersive experience. In addition, the foldable iPhone is rumored to use low latency, low power consumption LLW DRAM technology for optimal performance.

The iPhone 18 Pro models may be the first to integrate Face ID facial recognition under the display for a seamless screen, potentially eliminating the notch altogether. Apple’s tablet lineup may also be updated in 2026 with a new 10.9-inch iPad Air with an OLED display for richer colors and deeper blacks. The 8.4-inch OLED iPad mini may also join the lineup.

MacBooks could join the OLED party in 2026, with potential 14-inch and 16-inch OLED panels. This will mean a significant upgrade in displays for Apple laptops.

The roadmap hints that Apple is exploring augmented reality (AR) glasses and even foldable iPad concepts for a future release, possibly in 2027 or later. These products could represent entirely new categories for Apple and significantly change the way we interact with technology. It is important to remember that this information is based on a leak and has not been confirmed by Apple. However, it does provide insight into the potential direction in which Apple could develop its product lines in the coming years.


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