Apple to reduce iPhone radiation through software update

Apple to reduce iPhone radiation through software update

Is the radiation emitted by your smartphone dangerous? This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions in France today. For example, the government agency ANFR recently recognized the radiation level in Apple’s iPhone 12 models as “dangerous” and banned their sale. The ANFR stated that the phones emit excessive levels of radio waves, which can pose a threat to the health of users.

After this incident, it was expected that Apple would enter into legal battles to overturn the ban. However, things did not go as expected. Instead, the company took a step back and promised to fix the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro’s radiation levels through a software update.

The company told Reuters that it will release a software update for users in France to comply with the testing methods used by French regulators.

“We are pleased that the iPhone 12 will continue to be available in France. This is about meeting specific testing requirements set by France, not about security,” the statement said.

Apple iPhone radiation

Don’t worry, Apple has also said that the iPhone 12 does not pose a health risk due to radiation. The problem is related to a specific testing protocol used by French regulators. The company did not specify when the software update would be available, but they said it would be “in a few days.”

Once the update is available, users will be able to download it through the Settings app on their iPhone. However, the French regulatory agency ANFR will need to conduct new tests to lift the sales ban.

It’s important to note that the iPhone 12 is not the first Apple device to be banned in France due to concerns about radiation levels. In 2019, the ANFR banned the sale of the iPhone 8 and iPhone Xr after it was found that the devices exceeded permissible radiation levels. Apple subsequently released a software update that resolved the issue.


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