Apple silently removes Vision Pro’s “Open Sky” feature from introductory video and website

Apple silently removes Vision Pro's

Observers have noticed changes in Apple’s promotional materials for its upcoming Vision Pro mixed reality headset. When Apple first showed a video about this headset at WWDC 2023, it was a bit longer – 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

They have now quietly shortened the video by removing a key 11-second segment, so it now runs 9 minutes and 11 seconds. Notably, this missing video demonstrated a feature called Open Sky Environment, which promised to virtually replace users’ ceilings with the open sky.

Interestingly, links to Open Sky have also disappeared from the official Vision Pro website, as noticed by X/Twitter user @M1Astra. Instead, Apple again focused on the existing “Cinema Environment” that turns rooms into personal movie theaters.

It seems that the Open Sky feature, despite all its exciting potential, did not make it into the final version. We don’t know why, but perhaps Apple decided to focus on features that are easier to test so as not to disappoint people if Open Sky isn’t ready for the headset’s launch.

While the fate of Open Sky remains uncertain, the Vision Pro’s February launch date is still on track. Pre-orders will start on January 19, a few days later, and the pre-order process is somewhat interesting.

Apple says that to order the Vision Pro, you’ll need an iPhone or iPad with Face ID to scan your face. This is to determine the correct size of the Light Seal and headband to ensure an accurate fit for users.

Also, if you are planning to order Vision Pro, make sure your Apple Store app is up to date, as only the latest version, released on January 11, supports Vision Pro’s facial scanning feature.


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