Apple has sold 200,000 pre-orders for Vision Pro

Apple has sold 200,000 pre-orders for Vision Pro

In the frenzied anticipation for Apple’s Vision Pro, the device has reportedly received a significant number of pre-orders, with an insider source estimating sales of “over 200,000” units. Known for its accurate information about upcoming Apple products, MacRumors adds credibility to this claim. The news comes after Ming-Chi Kuo predicted 160,000-180,000 pre-orders based on his extensive research into Apple’s supply chain.

Due to limited production, Vision Pro deliveries are delayed until March

Despite the high demand, Apple faces the problem of meeting it quickly. Within an hour of opening pre-orders on January 19, delivery dates were pushed back to March for certain storage levels in certain US states. For now, March seems to be the estimate for all storage options and states, indicating a potential mismatch between supply and demand.

The situation is complicated by the limited production capacity of key components. As reported by The Information, The Elec, and The Financial Times, Apple is sourcing Vision Pro OLED microdisplays with a resolution of nearly 4K from Sony, a supplier capable of producing a maximum of one million units per year. Given that each headset requires two of these microdisplays, Vision Pro production could be limited to less than half a million units per year.

According to The Financial Times, in response to this limitation, Apple is exploring alternative suppliers of OLED microdisplays for future iterations of the Vision headset. This strategic move could increase production capacity and potentially reduce costs. However, for the initial release of the Apple Vision Pro, supply constraints are expected to remain.

High demand and limited supply suggest that the Vision Pro may face long delays, possibly lasting months. Apple enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the latest VR/AR technology may have to be patient, especially given the problems with the supply of key components.

As the February 2 launch date approaches, the success of the Vision Pro in the market will likely be measured not only by the number of pre-orders, but also by Apple’s ability to manage and improve its supply chain to meet sustained demand. The coming months will show if Apple can overcome these challenges and deliver Vision Pro to consumers on time.


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