Apple, Google, and Microsoft lead the global brand rankings

Apple, Google, and Microsoft lead the global brand rankings

Apple remains the world’s number one most expensive brand with a brand value of $880 billion. Google is in second place with a value of $578 billion, and Microsoft is in third place with $502 billion.

Analytical company Kantar presented its annual research of the world’s most valuable brands, BrandZ.

Experts note that even after a 20% year-on-year decline in 2023, the total value of the world’s 100 most expensive brands of $6.9 trillion is still significantly higher than in 2020, which was almost $5 trillion. And this $6.9 trillion also exceeds the value predicted by the growth trajectory of the ranking before the pandemic.

The new brand value ranking is based on the opinions of more than 4.2 million respondents about 21,000 brands across 540 categories.

Топ-10 брендів

Top 10

Thus, the top ten includes tech giants and 7 other companies:

  1. Apple – $880 billion.
  2. Google – $578 billion.
  3. Microsoft – $502 billion.
  4. Amazon – $469 billion.
  5. McDonald’s – $191 billion.
  6. Visa – $169 billion.
  7. Tencent – $141 billion.
  8. Louis Vuitton – $125 billion.
  9. Mastercard – $111 billion.
  10. Coca Cola – $106 billion.

100 найдорожчих світових брендів

Other brands and trends

Coca-Cola re-entered the Top 10, rising seven positions to 10th place. The company increased its brand value by 8%.

16 brands grew in value, with Indian telecom operator Airtel (#76, +24%) having the fastest growth in the global ranking.

The Top 100 includes two Chinese brands: Shein (No. 70, $24 billion) and Nongfu Spring (No. 81, $22 billion).

Інші бренди та тренди 

Nine brands returned to the brand ranking. Among them are Pepsi (#91, $19 billion), Colgate (#95, $18 billion) and Pampers (#100, $17 billion).

Of the 13 categories, food, beverage, fast food, and luxury brands proved to be the most resilient, as they retained the largest share of value compared to 2022.


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