Apple finally solves iPhone 15 Pro overheating problem

Apple finally solves iPhone 15 Pro overheating problem

Recently, the long-awaited iPhone 15 Pro series was presented. But Apple fans were disappointed when they realized that their new iPhone 15 Pro faced an overheating issue. The company has officially acknowledged the issue and is now rolling out an update that should fix the problem.

Apple iPhone 15 overheating fixed?

For those who are not in the know, the Cupertino giant has faced criticism over the overheating problem of the iPhone 15 line. For one user, the overheating was so severe that it ultimately led to a burn. Reportedly, the thermal problems of the iPhone 15 Pro line are due to various factors. Although, according to some reports, it is related to the new A17 Pro chipset and the new titanium case.

Apple claimed that third-party apps such as Instagram, Uber, and other optimization issues in iOS 17 were the cause of the overheating. Now, the latest update is being released that solves this problem. Apple has released iOS 17.0.3 patch. According to the official announcement, it “addresses an issue that can cause iPhones to run warmer than expected.” This update is for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models.

In addition to addressing the heating issue, Apple also fixed a bug that appeared last month in the new update. In a statement to MacRumors, Apple explained that the cause of the smartphone’s heat was third-party apps, and the titanium build had nothing to do with it. The iPhone maker also added that the A17 Pro chipset does not require any tweaks either.


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